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The diagram above depicts the five drivers of a supply chain. It has become apparent since COVID-19 that focusing only on the above drivers is no longer sufficient to drive a competitive Supply Chain. Discuss other five measures/techniques/focus areas that supply chain managers should focus on if they want to be competitive in the supply chain. (20)
Discuss inventory decisions that can be harmful to the business and explain why these are considered harmful. (10)
Identify strategies for increasing organisational productivity using the diagram below as a guide. (10)

productivity formula

This is not an HR but an Operational related question, students are permitted to discuss only 1 HR related strategy
You have been hired as a Supply Chain Manager for the Mr Price group and you have been tasked with deciding on where to locate the warehouses as well as the distribution centres. Provide a plan for Mr Price and provide reasons behind your answers. (10)
Students will need to research the Mr Price group’s supply chain in order to be able to answer this question successfully.
Demonstrate how organisations can navigate supply chain risk management and provide examples for your answers. (15)
Formulate a brief summary of how supply chain management has evolved over the last 30 years. (10)

Answers to Above Questions on Supply Chain Management

Answer 1: Supply chain management is highly crucial in order to ensure the timely delivery of finished products to the end consumer. It is important to focus on the key drivers of the supply chain in order to achieve efficiency in the process. However, the period of Covid 19 indicated that the key drivers are not sufficient enough and it is important to pay attention to other major drivers of the supply chain. The five important focus areas that supply chain managers should focus in order to achieve competitiveness in the supply chain are integration of technology, collaboration and friendly relations with all the partners of the supply chain management process, following sustainability and ethical practices, continuous improvement and innovation…


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