Your school has arranged a series of workshops to help parents with their child’s healthy and holistic development. You need to consider measures that parents and teachers can put in place to ensure that they understand the factors that influence development on a physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual (Holistic) level regardless/despite of their socioeconomic circumstances. This means that you have to consider the context of the community within which your proposed school is situated as part of your answer.
The principal has asked several educators to present a topic to the parents. Each educator has to do a presentation of 15 minutes. In your presentation, you need to include at least one visualbut no more than 3 visual presentations.
For this task, you need to presentyour presentation in the form of a poster and include the visual/s that you will be using. You need to explain the reason for the visual and why you have included that/those particular visuals. The explanations should be approximately 100 words and must appear as an appendixpasted at the back of the poster. (20)
You can use analogies, metaphors, pictures etc.
• Information should be presented in a well-organised manner.
• Information should be visually appealing, engaging, creative and legible.
• Graphics should be engaging and enhance the text content.
• They should be arranged so that the viewer can easily navigate through the content.
• Content should be comprehensive, with complete coverage of the main points
Question 2
Although there are many theories about the development of children, the work of Piaget and Vygotsky is studied extensively in this field. Discuss Piaget’s theory within your school, the South African context. You only need to discuss the theory up to and including the fourth stage
Your essay needs to be 1000- 1100 words.
You need to indicate your understanding of the community within which your school is situated throughout your assignment.
Use the following checklistto guide your writing.

Answers to Above Questions on Life Skills

Answer 1: The poster showing the promotion of healthy and holistic child development are presented below:


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