The information provided was extracted from the financial records of Caribbean Traders. Their financial year ends on the 28 February 2022.


Cost 900 000
Accumulated depreciation (370 000)
Carrying value  

120 000

Carrying value  

930 000

Accumulated depreciation  

B. Fixed Assets Equipment
A printer bought on 1 June 2018 for R90 000, was sold for cash on 31 August 2021 at carrying value. A new printer was bought for R120 000 on 1 September 2022.

Depreciation on equipment is written off at 20% per annum on the diminishing balance method.


Calculate the accumulated depreciation and carrying value for the disposal of the printer. (8 marks)

Calculate the depreciation on equipment on the 28 February 2022. (7 marks)

Prepare the following ledger account: (5 marks)
• Asset disposal on the printer


This following information relates to a sole trader called Confidence Traders. The financial year end is February 2022.


  PRE-ADJUSTED Trial Balance on 28 February 2022    
  Balance Accounts Section Debit Credit
  Capital   775 694
  Fixed assets at carrying value [01/03/2021] 942 260  
  Loan: Emperor’s Bank [17% p.a.]   114 000
  Fixed deposit: Diamond Bank [9% p.a.] 240 000  
  Trading Inventory 75 000  
  Debtors’ control 86 780  
  Provisions for bad debts   4 500
  Bank 54 000  
  Cash float 2 000  
  Petty cash 800  
  Creditors’ control   165 300
  Creditors for salaries   13 786
  SARS: PAYE   15 000
  Pension fund   12 780
  Nominal Accounts Section    
  Sales   1 775 500
  Cost of sales 1 055 000  
  Debtors’ allowances 110 000  
  Rent income   169 000
  Salaries 181 000  
  Wages 127 770  
  Bad debts 5 150  
  Insurance 27 800  
  Audit fees 44 000  
  Consumable stores 24 000  
  Interest on current account   4 100
  Discount allowed 8 500  
  Discount received   3 200
  Sundry expenses 68 800  
    3 052 860 3 052 860

Adjustments and Additional Information

The accounting officer is paid the same remuneration per month for the whole year. Outstanding accounting fees owed amounted to R4000.

Physical stocktaking of inventories on 28 February 2022 revealed the following:

• Consumable items to the value of R22 220 were used during the year. • Trading inventory showed a surplus of R5 500

Received a cheque for R7 620 from the insolvent estate of a debtor. His estate paid a first and final dividend of R0.30 in the rand. No entries have been made.

• The provision for bad debts must be decreased to R2 800.

• An insurance contract for R15 600 was taken out for the period 1 September 2021 to 31 August 2022.

• Depreciation of R45 000 on tangible assets must be provided for, for the year.

• Provide for outstanding interest for the loan obtained from Emperor’s Bank for February 2022.

• Interest on fixed deposit from Diamond Bank needs to be provided for February 2022.

• Rent was received for one month in advance. Adjust accordingly.

• Confidence Traders received a commission income of R50 000.

Prepare the Statement of Comprehensive Income of Confidence Traders for the year ending 28 February 2022. (20 Marks)


The information below was extracted from the accounting records of Nkosi Enterprises, a partnership business with Nkosi and Sikelela as partners.

Capital: Nkosi 480 000
Capital: Sikelela 370 000
Current account: Nkosi (01 March 2021) 15 000
Current account: Sikelela (01 March 2021) 18 000
Drawings: Nkosi 81 000CR
Drawings: Sikelela 128 000CR

The following transactions must be taken into account:
• The net profit according to Profit and Loss account amounted to R680 500
• The partners are entitled to the following salaries:
Nkosi = R12 000 pm, Sikelela = R15 000 pm
• The partners are entitled to interest on their capitals at a rate of 15% per year.
• Nkosi is entitled to a special bonus equal to 10% of his annual salary.
• Sikelela increased his capital by R50 000 on 01 January 2022.
• Profit sharing between Nkosi and Sikelela will be shared equally.

Prepare the statement of changes in equity for year ended 28 February 2022
Note: The statement must reflect changes to both capital and current account balances.

Answers to Above Questions on Financial Accounting

Answer 1: The calculation of the accumulated depreciation and carrying value for the disposal of the printer is performed as follows:


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