Workplace romances are more common than many might initially believe. And according to workplace romance statistics, in-office relationships impact everyone within an organization–not just those in the relationship.
-Forbes Magazine

Write an academic essay on workplace ethics and shed light on the unethical conduct of workplace romance and how it affects business practices and operations.

In answering this question:
1. Introduction
2. Discuss the nature of workplace romance.
3. Give five consequences that arise from workplace romance.
4. Provide 2 objections to the above consequences.
5. Explain how the 5 issues discussed in #3 can be addressed.
6. Conclusion

Answers to Above Questions on Workplace Romance

Answer 1: Work please Romance is an important concept that is gaining significant importance in the modern day working environment. It is all about employees having romantic connections with their colleagues in the workplace. However this practice raises significant concern in terms of ethical behaviour of employees. This essay is aimed at analysing the ethical consideration in relation to workplace romance, and the ways in which it leads to conflict of interest, favouritism and breaches of professional conduct.

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