1.1 Discuss the relativist argument as a source of ethics. (13)
1.2 Analyse the significance of the environmental movement for business ethics. (12)

2.1 Evaluate the objectives of the King reports on corporate governance. (12)
2.2 Describe the minimal and maximal duties of multinational corporations. (13)

3.1 Analyse the procedures a business could institute in order to avert the possible damaging
effects of whistle-blowing. (15)
3.2 Differentiate between the following two (2) ethical terms
3.2.1 Values (5)
3.2.2 Virtue (5)

4.1 Distinguish between the meaning of procedural justice and retributive justice. (12)
4.2 Describe the ethics of ecology in relation to the rights of future generations. (13)

Answers to Above Questions on Ethics

Answer 1: According to the viewpoint of relativism, there is no universal standard of right or wrong, and their viewpoint of ethics is also different. It is important to consider the important elements of cultural relativism, subjectivism, and religious relativism in order to understand the source of ethics according to the argument of relativist.

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