Question 1: (20 Marks)
When we choose to communicate with people in ways that are not face-to-face, we use different forms of media, such as letters, newspaper articles, television broadcasts or social media posts. Each media channel provides communicators with additional reach and levels of interactivity. A letter can only be sent to one recipient at a time, while a newspaper article can be read by many. A social media post, such as a Facebook post, allows others to comment on the communication, whereas a viewer cannot directly interact with a pre-recorded radio advert. Different forms of media, therefore, have various advantages and disadvantages.

New media – The widespread adoption of computers, cell phones, smartphones and the Internet has led to a remarkable change in the media landscape. Media platforms driven by the Internet and digital technologies – such as websites, blogs, video sharing, social media, video games and virtual reality – have unique features that differentiate them from ‘old media’ (University of Minnesota Libraries, 2016: 652–653). The expanded definition can define new media as ‘those digital media that are interactive, incorporate two-way communication and involve some form of computing’ (Southeastern University in Cruz, 2017).

The Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK) is a family event that attracts visitors from across South Africa and across the world. The festival programme that encompasses all genres of the performing and visual arts, as well as the rich cultural history of Oudtshoorn, the beautiful scenery of the region, and the renowned hospitality of the town keeps festivalgoers coming back for more year after year.

Conduct research (additional sources and the compulsory source) and write an essay on the following:

As an entrepreneur, you will partake in the up-and-coming Klein Karoo National Arts Festival 2023 (KKNK 2023), where you will run your own food and beverage stall. Elaborate on how you will practically promote your stall before, during, and after the festival to ensure future success.

Answers to Above Questions on Entrepreneurship

Answer 1: 

Marketing of products and services is essential for every type of business. There are different mediums available in order to promote the product and services offered by a company in the 21st century. In the given case scenario of promoting the food and beverage stall at the upcoming Klein Karoo National Arts Festival, the promotion of stall would be carried out in a phased manner whereby the stall would be promoted before, during and after the festival. The strategy of promotion in all these phases is discussed as follows:

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