Section A:

Question 1
1a) Literature can be divided into 3 main genres. Name the genres, define them and provide an example of each. (10 marks)
1b) Prose can be sub-divided into 2 main categories. Name the categories and explain them briefly. (10 marks)

Question 2
In three paragraphs, explain the difference between picture books and story books and explain why it is important for children to begin with, and master, reading picture books before they move onto story books.
(20 marks)

Question 3
Read the following poem by Wayne Visser and answer the questions that follow.

I am a child of Africa
1 I am a child of Africa –
2 Young and wild and free
3 I play on streets of sunny hope
4 And feed on dusty dreams
5 I am a child of Africa –
6 Young and bold and bright
7 I think a million sparkling thoughts
8 And wish on shooting stars 9
10 I do not want your pity
11 For I am not a helpless pup
12 I do not want your charity
13 For I will thrive at first chance
14 I do not want your mistrust
15 For being young is not a crime
16 I do not want your prejudice
17 For that is your prison not mine 18 (…)
19 I may look young
20 But I am older than you
21 For I was born at the beginning of time
22 I may look weak
23 But I am stronger than you
24 For I was weaned on the milk of the sun
25 I may look simple
26 But I am smarter than you
27 For I was schooled at the knee of wise elders

3a) Identify 5 figures of speech from this poem. Write each one down and name it.
Your answer should take this form:
Line 10 – her eyes were as bright as stars – is a simile. Note: this is an example and is not in the poem.
(10 marks)
3b) Explain how EACH of the figures of speech you identified can encourage younger learners to understand the meaning of the poem.

Books can be used to help children learn about both their own cultures as well as other cultures.
In an essay of 2-3 pages (no more than 1000 words) discuss why this statement is true and how a teacher can use books to encourage multicultural interaction.
• You can include in your essay any strategies or activities you think would encourage learners to engage with multicultural texts
• You can pay specific attention to the multicultural context of the contemporary South Africa classroom
• You can include your own experiences as a reader or a teacher

Your essay must be properly constructed, in other words it must contain: An Introduction – 1 paragraph
A Body – divided into paragraphs A Conclusion – 1 paragraph
If you use external sources these must be correctly referenced in the essay and in a bibliography at the end of the essay.
Answers to Above Questions on English

Answer 1: An analysis of the existing literature indicates that it is divided into 3 important genres such as fiction, nonfiction and poetry. An analysis of each of these genres along with an example is performed as follows:
Fiction: Friction is defined as the development of stories from imagination. It is entirely the thought process of the author and these stories can be based on real life events.


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