Read the questions below and answer the questions set. Please ensure that you engage with your prescribed text and resources when you construct your answers.

1. “How has the English language evolved over time, from its roots in Old English to its current form, and what factors have influenced its development?” Your response should be approximately 1 page. (25)

2. There is a commonly held view that there is only one English language. With reference to Kachru’s (1985) Three Concentric Circles, write a response of about 300 words discussing whether you agree or disagree with the view. (15)

3. Brag (2003:249) in his book, The adventure of English quotes George Bernard Shaw who in Pygmalion uses the character Henry Higgins to assert that “the English have no respect for their language and will not teach their children to speak it.”
Considering the message related to correct form and usage and preservation of norms and standards contained in the quote above, place this argument in the South African linguistic arena. In a carefully constructed response of about 2 pages explore how the maintenance of norms and standards of standard English clashes with the sociolinguistic landscape of South Africa. Your answer should include a discussion on the influence of English on political, social, economic, cultural, and educational spheres on the maintenance of specific patterns of usage. (30)

4. Gough (1996: xix cited in Silva, 1997: 160) reports that despite the position of English in South Africa as lingua franca, through governmental efforts since 1994 there has been attempts by the same government to safeguard the rights of all language communities. This view has been contested by several scholars who expressed views about the hegemony of English and the value that ethnic languages can contribute to the South African linguistic societies. Write a response of about 2 pages in which you discuss to what extent the government has been successful in protecting the rights of all languages in South Africa and what can be done to strengthen attempts to ensure the promotion and maintenance of South Africa’s multilingual landscape. (30)

Answers to Above Questions on English

Answer 1: The English language is one of the most popular languages spoken throughout the world. An analysis of historical development of English indicates that its evolution spans over more than a Millennium. It can be divided into different phases such old English, middle English, early modern English, late modern English, contemporary English.

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