Ms Gamora and Mr Murdock are both first year Grade 1 and 4 educators, respectively. Ms Shuri, the principal evaluated their lessons and provided feedback individually. During feedback, Ms Shuri made the following points:

1. the strategy was overused;
2. this type of strategy was not structured and ordered;
3. the information was conveyed inappropriately;
4. learners did not understand the work;
5. there was a lack of learner participation;
6. educators had difficulty in obtaining feedback on learner understanding

Outline of your assignment.

• Introduction [5]
• Critically analyse the above scenario and explain why the specific teaching strategy used by Ms Gamora and Mr Murdoch were not conducive to 21st Century teaching and learning. Your response must be justified by discussing 21st Century skills
and Critical Cross Field Outcomes (CCFO) in relation to the scenario. [15]
• Advantages of whole-class teaching. [5]
• Relevant researched ideas accurately describing and discussing the various strategies of whole-class teaching and how to implement whole-class teaching strategies by providing an example. [20]
• Lesson Plan: Template is compulsory and must be used. Detailed whole-class teaching strategy (activity designed for classroom use). Selected method of whole-class teaching must be evident.
Introduction, Lesson Development and Conclusion [20]
• Benefits of this activity for 21st Century Learning [5]
• Resources: attach a maximum of five (5) that will be used in the lesson (no worksheets and not purchased). Resources do not have to be made. Images
are sufficient and a caption must be included. [10]
• Conclusion of Assignment
Include a motivation of why your lesson plan will be successful when used by
Ms Gamora or Mr Murdoch [5]
• Grammar, language usage, spelling, and academic tone [5]
• Referencing: In-text [5]
• Referencing: Reference list [5]
Include at least four references from four (4) different academic sources.

Answer to Above Questions on Education, Theory and Practice

Answer 1: Educators have to play an important role in enhancing the overall knowledge and understanding of students in the 21st century by developing necessary skills and competencies within them. An analysis of the given scenario on Ms Gamora and Mr Murdock indicates that they have faced significant changes in effectively guiding students with their teaching strategy. As a result, the main focus of analysis in this paper is on evaluating the shortcomings of their strategies and identifying the ways in which the given teaching strategies have failed to ensure effective learning of students.

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