1.1 You have been appointed as an E-commerce expert to manage and facilitate the migration of a traditional brick and mortar store to an online E-Commerce platform. The team has asked you to assist with a few concepts relating to E-Commerce.
1.1.2 Explain what a payment gateway is and the need to integrate it into the new platform (2marks)
1.1.3 Explain 5 different types of Payment gateways for E-Commerce (5 marks )
1.1.4 Explain to the team ways and methods to maximize security and control of user accounts on the new E-commerce platform. (13 Marks)

2.1 The product team has raised concerns on inventory management on the new E-commerce platform. You have been tasked to explain the following concepts in relation to the new E– Commerce platform.
A. Inventory Level Management.
B. Product Description Handling.
C. Integration between the brick and mortar store and the new e-commerce platform.
D. Usability.
E. Flexibility.
F. Service Delivery And Customer Retention.

Question 3 30 Marks
3.1Shopleft Retail Group is a retail store with branches across South Africa. Due to reflections and lessons learned from the COVID 19 pandemic, their team has decided to adopt a digital strategy to maximize profitability. You have been appointed as an E-commerce specialist to assist the product development team with the implementation of their online e-commerce store.
3.1.1 Explain to the team the advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce. (10 Marks)
3.1.2 Identify 5 different types of sales channels that could be used to maximize the new E-commerce
platform. (5 marks)
3.1.3Explain how the sales channels could maximise profitability (5 marks)
3.1.4Explain the different E-commerce functionalities and specifications suitable for Shop left Retail Group (10 marks)

Question 4 20 Marks

4.1Further to the successful deployment of an E-commerce store by Shopleft Retail Group, The sales and marketing team has realized issues pertaining to their sales and marketing strategy. You have been appointed as an E-commerce specialist to assist the sales and marketing team.
Explain to the team how to
4.1.1 Increase visitors to their new E-commerce platform
4.1.2 Convertwebsite visitors into new and returning customers.
NB: Your answer should be relevant to E-Commerce examples.

Answer to Above Questions on E-Commerce Management

Answe 1.1.2: E-Commerce management required a good understanding of different terminologies as applicable in such a format of business. In the given case scenario, the migration of a traditional brick and mortar store to an online eCommerce platform requires the consideration of all important terms relating to e-commerce. Payment gateway is defined as an interface that allows for processing of payment online….


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