Conduct some internet research on the characteristics and behaviour of female gamers, and use this secondary research, as well as the research results provided in the above scenario to develop a customer persona of your target audience for the All for One product (i.e. female gamers, aged 13-25).

Make sure your customer persona includes the following information or elements:

● The persona: Include a name and picture of your persona (1 mark);
● Demographics: Identify three demographic details (3 x 1 = 3 marks);
● Psychographics: Identify three psychographic details (3 x 1 = 3 marks);
● Digital habits: Outline two digital habits of the persona (2 x 1 = 2 marks); and
● Pain points: Describe two frustrations of the persona (2 x 1 = 2 marks).

Please note:

● You can use any tool that you like to develop your persona (e.g. PowerPoint).
● Feel free to invent details in your persona that you cannot find in your internet research or the research results given in the scenario.
● Don’t spend too long on your internet research – 30 minutes maximum should be sufficient.
● Ensure that the information contained in your persona is aligned with the target audience (i.e. female gamers, aged 13-25).
● Please include a screenshot of your persona in your answer sheet. (11 marks)

For each stage of the marketing funnel (awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty) for the All for One product, describe the following:

a. One SMART objective: The objective must be SMART, and must be aligned with the funnel stage, as well as the issues stated in the scenario (where relevant) (2 marks x 4 stages = 8 marks).
b. One tactic (or ‘channel’): Name one digital marketing tactic, and the reason why you’ve chosen that tactic. The tactic must align with the funnel stage, and the reason given must speak to the benefits of that particular tactic for that funnel stage (2 marks x 4 stages = 8 marks).

c. One KPI: The KPI must be aligned with the corresponding funnel stage, the SMART objective and tactic mentioned (1 mark x 4 stages = 4 marks).

Please note:

● The tactics you choose must be aligned with the target audience – as defined in your
customer persona in Question 1.
● Try to be as specific as possible with your tactic (and its corresponding reason); for example, instead of just writing ‘display ads’, you could say ‘display ads on Pinterest because that is where the target audience spends a lot of their time on digital’.
● Use the table provided in your answer sheet to complete this question. (20 marks)

Based on the scenario, briefly comment on how you would adjust the four P’s of your marketing mix:

a. Product: Outline one change you would make to the All for One game to enhance the value proposition and make it more appealing for the target audience (1 mark).

b. Price: State one change you would make to the price to align with the target audience (1 mark).

c. Place: Name one adjustment you would make in so far as your digital distribution channels go (1 mark).

d. Promotion: Outline one message that you will promote in your marketing tactics that will attract the target audience (1 mark).

Please note: Ensure that you base your responses on the issues highlighted in the scenario.

Answers to Above Questions on Digital Marketing

Answer 1: An analysis of the characteristic and behaviour of female gamers in the existing literature indicates that the female gamers are also as enthusiastic about gaming as that of their male counterparts. They give sufficient time to play per day and prefer adventure games.


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