Marvellous has recently launched a new toy brand and has high hopes for significant growth with its new toy range.

Having completed significant market research prior to launching its new toy brand, Marvellous made the decision to launch an exclusive line of dolls under the brand name ‘Olivia®’. The reason behind the brand name is due to the name ‘Olivia’ being the most popular global girl’s name in its launch year, 2020.

This would mean that it would be competing with the very popular and well-known Barbie brand. However, it has ensured to make the Olivia® doll range and associated Olivia products more affordable than that of Barbie.

Marvellous has really done its research when it comes to knowing its target audience and understanding its values.

Marvellous has launched its Olivia® brand, ensuring that the collection is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. Plastic parts are made from 90% plastic sourced within 50km of waterways in areas lacking formal waste collection systems.

The reason for this is to ensure strong brand social responsibility messaging and assist in engaging children to support a greener future. Marvellous recently told News24 that it will only launch purpose-driven brands that inspire environmental consciousness with its consumer as a key focus.

Looking to the future, Olivia® remains dedicated to advancing its role and lending its global platform to create a better world for children everywhere by focusing on diversity and inclusion, equal opportunity and sustainability.

It has also been reported that Marvellous will be launching a television programme which will cover different topics including diversity, mannerisms and the latest programme ‘Olivia Shares How We Can All Protect the Planet’.

So, who is its target audience?
As with any brand in the market, Olivia appeals to a very particular audience. This brand belongs to the industry of toys and specifically of dolls, mainly targeting young girls from age three to preteen, therefore, focusing on the majority of this group being that of Generation Alpha. Also, boys around the same age, can be entered into the client list, since the brand will also be exporting male dolls.

Generation Alpha is characterised by being digital natives and spending hours and hours in front of screens. In general, it is considered that children are the most difficult and demanding consumer audience. They want to do things their own way. For this reason, Olivia tries hard to correspond to their special needs and cover every possible taste and preference they may have.

With this in mind, the people who work in the department of design, in collaboration with those from the department of communication and marketing, make up ideas trying to satisfy their little clients. They promote a model according to which, a girl or a boy can be anything she or he wants, by stimulating their imagination and encouraging them to use the Olivia® dolls in a creative way.

Marvellous has high hopes for this brand that was launched during the pandemic and yet still managed to make a small revenue of 3.8% within its first year of operation. Marvellous has set the following goals and objectives as a foundation for growth:

1. Sales to reach R500,000.00 by 31 December 2023.
2. To increase the share of voice and market share from 12% to 30% by the end of 2025.
3. Increase brand awareness in identified target markets globally.
4. Increase footprint throughout well-known toy stores in Europe, USA and South Africa.
4. Increase market and product development strategies.
5. Ensure a successful multichannel marketing strategy is devised and executed year after year.

5. Ensure a successful multichannel marketing strategy is devised and executed year after year.
Question 1

As the marketing manager, provide a detailed strategy formulation report for the Olivia® toy range.
Your report should effectively discuss the eight decisions involved in strategy formulation. You are required to think creatively based on the expected goals and expected outcomes by management.
Decision 1 (8 marks)
Decision 2 (2 marks)
Decision 3 (3 marks)
Decision 4 (4 marks)
Decision 5 (4 marks)
Decision 6 (4 marks)
Decision 7 (2 marks)
Decision 8 (2 marks)

This is a formal report and should include a cover page, table of contents and be formatted correctly using headings, sub-headings and diagrams where applicable.
A total of 5 marks will be allocated to the layout and logical flow of information. Requirements:
Please refer to mark allocation. Your report should be a maximum of 5 pages. You will be penalised should the body of the report exceed 5 pages.
Font: Arial, 12
Line spacing 1.5
Text must be justified.
Remember: You are required to insert a table of contents for your complete assignment too which will be before question 1.(34)

Marks will be awarded for practical application of each decision. Marks will not be allocated to theory.
Question 2

You are required to design a prototype for your new customer-orientated website for Olivia®. When creating the prototype, ensure that you structure the design according to the three main areas of usability.
The design must include three pages of the website, one homepage and two other pages of your choice.
Below each page, write one sentence to motivate how you are showcasing each element. Your design is to showcase the following areas:
Site design and structure
• Coherence (2)
• Complexity (2)
• Legibility (2) Page design (2) Site style (3)
Site personality (2)

Due to the website serving the purpose of an e-commerce website, you are to include three approaches related to findability for online retail merchandising on your home page. (3)

Your design should be done and inserted into the Word document before you PDF your assessment and upload to Turnitin. No URLS to be uploaded.
Marks will be awarded for the practical application of each decision. Marks will not be allocated for theory.

Question 3

Design a campaign to promote Olivia® dolls using a QR code to engage the target market. Your campaign must include a flyer that would be distributed in store. The objective is for customers to visit the website to learn more about the dolls and make a purchase either online or instore. Accompanying the flyer must be one other marketing communication technique.
Use your creativity.(12)

Six marks will be allocated to each marketing technique.

Question 4

Discuss three ways in which the new redesigned Olivia® website has used digital media and technologies as an opportunity for marketing of its products and services as part of the digital strategy. Select the three most applicable to discuss.(3)

Answers to Above Questions on Digital Marketing

Answer 1: Strategy formulations require significant important decisions that need to be made in order to make the strategy effective. In the given case scenario of Olivia Toy Range, it is important to consider the 8 key important decisions that are included in strategy formulation. These includes setting up appropriate mission and vision including goals and objective for the company, evaluating the external as well as internal environment affecting the performance of the company.


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