You have just been appointed as the new Marketing Manager at a new hip retail store, “TruCape”, situated in Cape Town. The owners have recently expressed their interest in expanding the store’s marketing profile and making use of online advertising to reach a wider consumer base. Any change in strategy needs to be integrated into the company’s capacity, marketing setting, and market approach. You are required to formulate a report for the owners on the new online advertising approach. Your report must consist of the following:
• An introduction that includes a brief introduction of the report, the overall aim of the report, and the proposed structure to guide an external reader. (3)

• The body of content prompted by the subsequent information and questions 1-2 on the following page. (40)

• A conclusion that is detailed and provides an insightful concluding argument to draw management into your vision for this marketing proposal. (3)

• List of references: Make use of the Boston Harvard method of referencing, as well as in-text referencing (citations) throughout. A minimum of three (3) academic sources are required. (4)

Question 1 [20]

Digital advertising is simply advertising on the internet. It can be found anywhere you access the web; the majority of this form of advertising is now found on mobile. Also known as online advertising, this is an integrated approach to advertising, focusing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Assess the objectives of digital advertising and how these objectives can serve “TruCape”. (4 x 5 Marks) Question 2 [20]

As with any marketing strategy, there are advantages and challenges associated with implementing any new marketing strategy. Discuss the advantages and challenges linked to digital advertising, how they would benefit “TruCape”, and how they will be dealt with. (20×1=20 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Digital Advertising

Answer 1: Marketing is an essential requirement for every business because they need to make adequate awareness about the production Services offerings within the target customers. Digital advertising is an important method of doing advertisement, and given the case analysis of TruCape that there is a need for digital advertisement in order to effectively address the goal of the company which is to expand its business operations across diverse markets. The main objective of digital advertising at TruCape is to create awareness of its offerings to its target customers in the new market.

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