The media is often a controversial space and it is important to have digital and media literacy to make sure that prejudice is not spread. For this assignment, you are required to identify and include two examples of visual media where ethical issues are evident. You will analyse the selected media according to the topics below.

Write an essay of 1500 words using the structure below. Use 11-point font size and 1.5 line spacing. Use the mark allocation as an indication of how much to write in each section. Please refer to the rubric for more information. Pay attention to the mark allocations and criteria descriptions in the rubric attached.

Semiotic analysis
Conduct a semiotic analysis of any two images/visual media of your selection that addresses any of the ethical issues touched on during Learning Unit four. Point out the most dominant signs used to create meaning (signified), and what the possible symbolic meanings and interpretations can be. (20)

Ethical issues

Discuss the possible prejudice and other ethical concerns that may occur in the two selected cases. In your answer, consider the following points:

• What is a stereotype? Were any stereotypes used in these examples? What are they? Could these stereotypes be harmful or not? Explain.
• Do you agree with the public’s responses as indicated in the short case study material provided? Why do you think these examples created a backlash (negative response)? Discuss.
• Do you feel that these campaigns are a success or failure? Explain (40)

Answers to Above Questions

Ethics is highly essential for businesses in order to perform their operation in an efficient way. However with the objective of achieving maximum profit, many businesses fail to observe ethics in their behaviour. In this analysis, there are two examples of visual media that are selected that have ethical issues in them. The analysis is carried out by way of performing a semiotic analysis and it also includes an evaluation of the possible prejudice and other ethical issues in the selected case studies.

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