Question 1
The crime rate in South Africa is high. Criminals often make use of social engineering, phishing, whaling
and baiting to commit crime. How is social engineering often committed? (10)
Question 2
There are various types of investigations that are conducted such as criminal investigation, civil investigation and commission of enquiries. In your own words explain the objectives of corporate investigation. (10)
Question 3
Strikes and pickets in the workplace must lawful. The employees who engage in unlawful industrial actions in violation of employer’s policies can be brought before the disciplinary hearings. Discuss non-compliance with policy. (10)
Question 4
Every organisation or business should conduct risk assessment so that it can maintain the going concern
principle. How would you deal with identified risks in your organisation or business? (10)
Question 5
Law enforcement is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining law and order in the country. How would you implement situational crime prevention strategy? (10)
Often criminals plan before they commit crimes. Discuss crime prevention through environment design.
Discuss how you can go about securing hardware and software. (10)
Discuss how a risk analysis exercise is conducted. (10)

Answers to Above Questions on Criminal Investigation

Answer 1: Social engineering is defined as a process that involves manipulation of individuals with the objective of getting sensitive information from them so that they can be used to cheat them. It involves the application of psychological practice with the objective of obtaining trust of the individual, and thereby manipulating them to gather sensitive information. There are different ways in which social engineering is committed in South Africa and these include phishing, pretexting, baiting etc.


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