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The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in their presentation interrogated the crime statistics which the South African Police Service (SAPS) is presenting at the Portfolio Committee on Police as being unreliable and invalid.
On the contrary, Kempen (2019:12) alludes that it is important to share information/crime statistics. Communities are entitled to the release of comprehensive and timely information by local police station management. Access to such information serves to reassure and allay community fears and concerns and allows communities to play a more active role in helping to resolve local policing challenges, and to work jointly at developing strategies aimed at creating safe and secure communities.
In your opinion, do you think that the SAPS’s annual crime statistics are reliable? Substantiate your answer. (5)
Discuss the disadvantages of the annual release of crime statistics. (15)
Demonstrate your understanding by arguing Kempen’s statement regarding the benefits of fear in the prevention of crime. (10)

Question 2 
Download and access the article on BPP readings by Prof du Preez and Prof Muthaphuli (Deterrent Value of Punishment on Crime Prevention using Judicial Approaches) and answer the question that follows.

FREE STATE: Friday, 26 August 2022: Police have arrested the 18-year-old teenager from Tlholong near Kestell for the murder of another boy from a nearby school. On Monday, 22 August 2022 at about 18:00 Kestell Detective Service officials received information about a deceased person by the name of David Nvula Dube, 21-years-old who passed away in Bloemfontein at a hospital. Preliminary investigations revealed that the two teenage boys had argued at school. The suspect and friends went home to arm themselves with knives. It is further alleged that they went back to school where one of the suspects struck Dube on the head with a stone. The deceased became unconscious and was immediately rushed to the local hospital in Qwaqwa and was later transferred to Bloemfontein hospital where he succumbed to a head injury. Upon receiving the report on the death of Dube, investigating officer immediately traced and arrested the suspect today, Thursday, 25 August 2022. He will be charged and expected to appear before the Kestell Magistrate court on Friday, 26 August 2022 facing a charge of murder.
SAPS media statement, 26 August 2022

In essay format, discuss the following concepts of tertiary crime prevention to these “young adults”. Support your answer with examples from the scenario and the article

Question 3 
Several researchers have indicated that the use of risk factors such as family, peer, community influence, school, psychological/personality and biological factors are some of the indicators to identify future potential offenders.
Demonstrate your understanding by arguing the use of risk factors as a predictor of deviant behaviour. (10)
One of the key requirements for policing agencies to manage crime prevention is the availability of relevant and reliable information/intelligence in a manageable format. The effective and efficient utilisation of these information systems play a pivotal role in the management of crime prevention.
Explain the challenges that are currently faced at police station level in the use of information systems for crime prevention.

Question 4 
Lab (2020) defines crime prevention as any action designed to reduce the actual level of crime and/or the perceived fear of crime. Lab (2020) further describes a specific crime prevention model consisting of three (3) crime prevention approaches. Demonstrate your understanding of crime prevention by discussing these approaches and providing examples for each.

Answers to Above Questions on Crime Prevention Management

Answer 1

It is important to provide true and correct information about the crime statistics in an economy. This is mainly because correct information would provide a kind of assurance to the community and allow them to play a major role in helping to resolve local policing challenges. In the given scenario, it is evaluated that the institute for security studies have raised questions about the crime statistics provided by South African police service. On analysis of the issue in detail, it is evaluated that there is a possibility of under-reporting of crime statistics because there is a huge gap between the actual reported figures and the estimated figures for different types of crime. For example, there were 22431 house robberies that were reported, but the estimated figure was 264054. There is a surprising difference between the actual and estimated which raises questions about the crime statistics provided by South African police service.

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