1. For the past year, COVID-19 vaccinations have been a controversial topic of discussion. People are either in support or against vaccinations.  Many companies have made COVID -19 vaccinations compulsory, which has opened the debate around human rights.

Write an essay in which you argue whether compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations are a violation of people’s human rights or not. In your discussions, specifically, focus on:

  • What constitutes “human rights” in the South African context.
  • Discuss what the opposing positions gets right and why individuals might hold this position
  • Highlight the problems with this position.
  • Present your own position, showing how your position addresses the issues mentioned at b.
  • Suggest a possible compromise.
  1. Digital and social tech power Gen Z teens’ news consumption are enhanced by the use of smartphones and social media feeds. As social media has become an important news source for its users, the spread of inaccurate information has been said to adversely affect the decision-making process of consumers and voters. Critically analyse the advantage and disadvantages of obtaining important news information from social media.

Answers to Above Questions on Covid 19 Vaccinations

Answer 1: Covid-19 is regarded as one of the most controversial topics of discussion because the vaccinations introduced have witnessed a distinctive viewpoint of people across the world. Some people have positively supported the use of vaccination while others have criticized it considering the fact that it should not be made compulsory for everyone, and those who are not willing to accept the vaccination, should not be forced. In this context, the concept of human rights is a major topic of discussion. Human rights in the South African context can be defined as the right to citizenship and security. Everyone has a right to life, equality and human dignity and people are entitled to freedom of assembly, association, belief and opinion, and expression…..

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