Question 1 [20 Marks] Background:
Your friend Nina’s baby clothing business is growing, but sales are still recorded in a book. You have decided to showcase acquired skills using Microsoft (MS) Access databases and develop a database for the clothing shop.

You have identified several entities from your research on the operations of the clothing shop and decided to include a customer, product and sales table in your MS Access database. Your tables should include the below attributes per table:

• Customer table [first name, last name, address, cell number and city]

• Product table [product name, price, colour, size and category]

• Sales table [This table is derived from the Customer and Product table]


Create a database in MS Access for the sales management system and upload a copy of the database on ColCampus.


Criteria Requirements Marks
1 The      student       created             appropriate database tables with proper columns. 6 marks
2 Atleast five attributes in each table. 3 marks
3 Provide atleast ten customers andat least five items to the database. 4 marks
4 Atleast four customers with one item per customer have been added to the Sales Table. 3 marks
5 The correct naming convention is used, and consistency is followed. 4 marks
  Total 20 marks

Question 2 [30 marks]
Answer the following questions based on the database you created in Question 1. Submit a PDF with your answers.

2.1 Describe the functions of each table in your database. (6 marks)

2.2 Create relationships between the tables in MS Access and produce a screenshot of the relationship diagram. (4 marks)

Please note: The relationship must be created in MS Access and should display referential integrity between the tables.

2.3 Query the entire customers’ table(show all attributes) in MS Access of the store’s database, with the customers’ last names in descending order, and add a screenshot of the result. (4 marks)

2.4 Query the full product table (show all attributes) in MS Access of the store’s database in descending order of product name and add a screenshot of the result. (4 marks)

2.5 Create a report of the customers in the database, sort the report in ascending order of first name. and add a screenshot of the report. (6 marks)

2.6 Identify and explain the relationships between the tblMajor and tblStudent, tblStudent and tblAdvisor. (6 marks)

The below only applies to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Accounting program.

Aligns to SAICA competencies:

W3 Data Analytics

Interpret the results to solve a defined business or audit problem and

d) suggest further steps to be taken.

Data inspection:

(i) Describe the elements of a specific business process by documenting the workflow
(ii) Define the problem to be solved and determine clear measurement priorities
(iii) Identify data sources appropriate to solving the defined problem
(iv) Evaluate the input controls responsible for ensuring that the data captured and used is valid, accurate, and complete
(v) Explain the nature, distribution, and limitations of the identified

f) data and the population to be tested.

Data modelling

(i) Examine the key fields using descriptive statistics to determine their characteristics and statistical parameters
(ii) Evaluate the quality of data to determine how well it supports business analysis and decision-making
(iii) Choose appropriate analytical methods and identify alternative approaches, taking the data characteristics and the specific analytical task into account
(iv) Apply designated quantitative techniques (e.g., statistics, time series analysis, optimisation, simulations) in modelling for analysis and prediction
(v) Identify relationships between data in different forms and different data sets, and build relationship models between data sets
i) to achieve a business or audit objective

W7 User Competencies

b) Use presentation software in an accounting/ business context

d) Use accounting software to create and view financial transactions.

Answers to Above Questions on Database Management

Answer 1: The database for the sales management system in MS Access is created as follows:


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