Explain the purposes of law. (8)
Discuss the origins of South African Law. (10)
List the three (3) arms of Government. (3)

Distinguish between Substantive Law and Procedural Law. (6)
Explain each of the following terms:
Void Contract (3)
2.2.2. Voidable Contract (3)
Discuss the case of Salomon v Salomon and Co Ltd [1897] AC 22 (HL) in relation to a separate legal personality. (15)
Outline three (3) examples of the abuse of separate legal personality. (6)

Discuss the differences between Sole Proprietors and Partnerships.

Explain the provision in relation to the Company that the Memorandum of Incorporation should contain. (10)
Discuss the application of the doctrine of estoppel. (11)

Answers to the Above Questions on Commercial Law

Answer 1: When it comes to the purpose of law, an analysis of the literature indicates that there are many purposes of law which includes protecting the rights of individuals, promoting justice, achieving order and stability within the society, achieving public safety, and providing a legal framework to the public at large.

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