Risk prediction and prospects of recidivism are key components within criminological evaluation and risk assessment of offender(s).


Discuss the principal role of a criminologist in South Africa regarding the following:
(a) The role, contribution, focus areas and ‘niche’ areas. (30)

(b) The criminologist’s focus areas regarding pre-sentence evaluation reports. (30)

(c) The criminologist’s focus areas regarding criminal profiling. (40) Total: [100]

In this assignment, please adhere to the following instructions:

1. Your assignment should not exceed 20 typed pages (excluding the Cover page, Table of contents and List of References), Use Arial Size 12Font with 1.5 line spacing.

2. Provide practical South African-related examples to illustrate your understanding of the topic.
3. Do not forget to attach the declaration of good academic practice to your assignment.

4. You are not allowed to use/cite other Study Guides for other Criminology modules as sources for your assignment.

5. Your focus is Criminology and not Psychology, Social Work or the Law.

Answers to Above Questions on Criminology

Answer 1: Criminologists have a significant role to play in South Africa in understanding and addressing different aspects related to crime and criminal behaviour. The principal role of a criminologist is therefore to provide a deep understanding of the crime and criminal behavior, and thereby help in formulating strategies in order to create safer communities.

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