There are six assignment topics. You need to choose two of the topics for your compulsory assignments
(formative assessment).

The summative assessment for CMY4803 will be a portfolio (Assignment 3 which serves as an exam), based on one of the topics NOT submitted for either Assignment 1 or 2. Meaning you need to choose a different topic, a third topic, for the portfolio. The same structure and guidelines highlighted below MUST be followed for the assignments and for the portfolio.

Topic 1 Discuss the nature and extent of child trafficking as well as the impact and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on trafficked children.

Topic 2 Provide a criminological analysis on the prominence of South African females acting as drug mules during illicit drug trafficking.

Topic 3 Interrogate the surge in youth-gang activity and gang-related offences perpetrated by
South African youth between the periods 2017 and 2021.

Topic 4 Discuss the nature and extent of violence against women (VAW) in South Africa as well as the effects of COVID-19 on this type of gender-based violence (GBV).

Topic 5 Analyse the extent and impact associated with State Crime and Corruption in South

Topic 6 Evaluate farm attacks as one of the contemporary crime issues in South Africa.

• Layout/format

1) Title page
2) Table of contents
(This should contain all indicated headings as well as all individual sub-headings where applicable – [*Please note: only provide the page number on which the section starts and not all the pages taken up by the section e.g. 3 vs pg 3-5. Do not write ‘page’ or ‘pg’ next to the number.]
3) Introduction
4) Definition of key concepts
5) Discussion of the necessary facts (provide suitable headings as follows):

Open Rubric

Nature and extent of the crime itself (e.g. Statistics for the specific crime. Please do not use statistics which are older than ten years, stick to the time periods between 2011 and 2021)
Modus operandi
Impact on the victim and/or society Theoretical explanations – 3 relevant theories Prevention
6) Conclusion
7) Bibliography

Answers to Above Question on Portfolio

Answer 1: Child trafficking is one of the most prevalent issues worldwide and it involves the recruitment and transportation of children for the purpose of exploiting them. Child exploitation is being carried out in a number of ways such as forced labour, sexual exploitation, child marriages etc. Covid 19 pandemic has further increased the risk of child trafficking in a number of ways.


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