“South Africa needs a new consensus to deal with poverty, unemployment and inequality. Bringing the private sector is critical in dealing with many of these problems. This is our new social compact programme. “ President Ramaphosa – 2022

Question 1
Questions 1.1 and 1.2 is based on the above quote:
1.1 What is your understanding of the concept, “social dialogue”? (5)
1.2 How can social dialogue play a role in the current socio-economic context in South Africa? (10)

Question 2
Politics is a macro environment factor impacting on the study field of Labour Relations

2.1 Identify aspects from the SONA speech 2023 that have an impact on Labour Relations in South Africa. Further, analyse the observations made by the various role players of Labour Relations (Employer organisations and trade unions) on these aspects. (10)
2.2 In your opinion and based on the above comments, which approach does each role player support towards Labour Relations.

Question 3
3.1 Briefly described what is meant by the “4th industrial revolution”. (5)
3.2 What is the potential effect of 4th Industrial revolution on labour relations in South Africa? (10)
3.3 What must the SA Government and employers do to prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution to remain globally competitive? (10)

Question 4
4.1 Describe the nature (current statistics) and importance of unemployment in South Africa. (5)
4.2 Describe the different types of unemployment and indicate which types are most relevant in the current South African context, by providing examples.(10)
4.3 Research and identify three possible solutions for unemployment in South Africa. (15)

Answers to Above Questions on Collective Bargaining and Negotiations

Answer 1: The quote by president Ramaphosa indicates the need for a social dialogue with the private sector in order to address the problems faced by the economy such as poverty, unemployment and inequality. By the term social dialogue, it means a process of negotiation, consultation and exchange of views between the social partners. These social partners can be employers, workers, government, private sector etc. The social dialogue with the private players in the economy is aimed at improving the condition with respect to poverty, unemployment and inequality in South Africa.


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