Managers, while performing the four fundamental functions, work at different levels and deal with different challenges. Managers are usually classified into two categories:
1. According to their level in the organisation
2. By the functional area of management for which they are responsible

In light of the above provide a discussion on:-
Management levels in an organisation (15)
Two (2) functional areas. (10)
Mintzberg (1990) maintains that it is more useful to view the manager’s relation to the organisation in terms of the three categories of roles which
managers perform. Outline each of these managerial roles. (15)

Mary and her uncle Moses, a Chartered Accountant would like to open their very own accounting firm. Mary has just completed her articles and is ready to help her uncle setup this business. Mary and Moses require your expertise on environmental scanning to help identify opportunities and challenges in the market.

In light of the above answer the questions that follow:
Provide an outline of the management environment. (15)
Explain how each of the following variables could have a possible effect on business.
Political (5)
Economical (5)
Technological (5)

Explain the concept of motivation is and why managers must be concerned about it. (10)
Outline the characteristics of an effective control system. (10)
Decisions can be categorised in various ways, depending on situational
factors. Differentiate between routine, adaptive and innovative decisions. (10)

Answers to Above Questions

Answer 1: There are different levels of management in an organisation and they are responsible for performing different functional areas within the organisation. The major classification is done into 3 major types such as top level management, middle level management and lower level management. The managers in each of these levels have their specific roles to play in order to accomplish the responsibilities assigned to them.

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