Define the term ‘Management’. (3)
Differentiate between top level management and lower level management. (10)
Identify and discuss each of the support activities that can be found in Porter’s Value
Chain Model. (12)
Provide a summary of each of the four (4) general management functions. (20)

The Classical management approach introduced some of the founding principles of management. Critically discuss this approach in terms of management today. (12)
Discuss the contribution of theorists Douglas McGregor and Elton Mayo to the school of management thought. (10)
With the aid of examples, explain how the Behavioral and human relations approach is
still relevant to modern day business. (10)

Ms Simon has recently passed her board exams and is now a qualified Chartered Account.
It has always been her dream to open her very own auditing firm. She has started researching
and requires expertise in order to understand the business environment she would be entering into. You are required to advise Ms Simon based on the questions below:

Identify each of the sub-environments of the business environment. (3)
Conduct a brief scenario development in order to determine how five (5) external
variables/ components would most likely affect her future business. (15)
Explain to Ms Simon the importance of conducting an environmental analysis. (5)

Answers to Above Questions on Business Management

Answer 1: Management is an important concept that involves different roles to be performed such as planning, organising, directing and controlling the activities within the organisation. This is aimed at achieving organisational goals by way of making relevant decisions, coordinating efforts and utilizing resources in an efficient way.

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