Question 1: (30 Marks)
Refer to the fictitious scenario below and answer the questions following.

You are a student in a marketing program and have been assigned a group project to develop and present a social media marketing campaign for a hypothetical product launch. Your goal is to apply your knowledge of managerial skills to create and execute an effective campaign strategy. Fictitious scenario.

Provide a well-researched response in which you:
– Explain how you would use your theoretical understanding of managerial skills to successfully lead your team in executing the social media marketing campaign. (5 marks)
– Discuss three (3) strategies you would use to improve your technical skills. (5 marks)
– Discuss three (3) strategies you would use to foster collaboration within the team. (5 marks)
– Elaborate on three (3) strategies to maintain and motivate the team throughout the project. (5 marks)
– Indicate the importance of continuous learning with practical application of managerial skills. (5 marks) (5 + (5 x 5) = 30 marks)
Please note:
• Students are encouraged to conduct additional research to further enhance their understanding of managerial skills.
• Five (5) marks will be awarded for referencing.
• Ensure to adhere to the prescribed Boston Harvard referencing requirements.
Question 2: (24 Marks)
Refer to the fictitious scenario below and answer the questions following.
Congratulations! You have been chosen for an internship opportunity at a prestigious company. After successfully progressing through the selection process, you are now invited to a negotiation meeting with the hiring manager. This crucial stage aims to finalise the terms and conditions of your internship, covering essential aspects such as compensation, working hours, and potential benefits. Fictitious scenario.

Explain how you intend to effectively navigate the negotiation phase and showcase your value, align your goals, and communicate effectively to secure a favourable internship agreement. (4 x 3 = 12 marks)

As you gear up for your negotiation meeting with the hiring manager, there may be added stressors like financial obligations, personal commitments, or academic schedules. These factors, in addition to other stress factors, can hurt your body, emotions, and thoughts, causing unwanted symptoms along the way. Thus, it is crucial to be mindful of the consequences of chronic stress in this critical stage. (12 marks)
To address the negative impact of chronic stress:
– Identify two (2) symptoms that may arise in each area (body, emotions, and thoughts) as you navigate the preparation process.
– Describe a strategy that you would personally use to manage and alleviate each symptom.

Please note:
Additional research may be conducted.

Question 3: (30 Marks)
Refer to the below and answer the questions following.

DigitalX Marketing, a prominent digital marketing agency, has recognised the need to adapt to the evolving landscape of social media and digital marketing. To stay ahead of the competition, the agency is considering hiring a group of new employees from Generation Z. These young professionals are known for their tech-savviness, deep understanding of social media platforms, and innovative approaches to digital marketing.

DigitalX Marketing is aware that integrating the new Generation Z employees into the existing workplace may present some challenges due to generational differences and diverse work styles.

However, the agency is committed to ensuring a smooth transition and fostering mutual success. Fictitious scenario.

Identify six (6) unique characteristics of Generation Z that DigitalX Marketing should be aware of to successfully integrate them into the workplace. (6 marks)

In your words, discuss three (3) strategies that DigitalX Marketing can employ to effectively manage youthful and inexperienced employees such as the new Generation Z employees. (3 x 2 = 6 marks)

In DigitalX Marketing, the organisational culture is shaped by various elements that contribute to its unique character and practices.

Discuss the elements of culture and provide a practical example of each within the organisational culture of DigitalX Marketing. (4 x 4 = 16 marks)

In your words, define culture, and provide a personal example of how your cultural background influences the way you interact with others in your college environment. (2 marks)

Question 4: (16 Marks)
Suppose you have a keen interest in the food and beverage industry and have always dreamt of starting your sushi restaurant. Before embarking on this entrepreneurial journey in the sushi restaurant industry, it is important to understand the barriers that may hinder your entry.

List and briefly explain the four (4) factors that create barriers to new entrants, and provide real-life examples specific to the sushi restaurant industry to support your explanation. (4 x 4 = 16 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Business Management

Answer 1: In designing a social media marketing campaign, there is a need for applying managerial skills in order to achieve success in such marketing campaigns. The ways in which I would apply my leadership and management skills in managing such a campaign includes doing proper planning initially and setting up goals that will be accomplished from the marketing campaign. I would also develop a team and encourage open communication within all the team members. The role and importance of time management is crucial and I would emphasize on accomplishing the marketing campaign task and objective on a timely basis. I would also apply my managerial skills to manage the resources efficiently and try to accomplish the goal within the budget specified.


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