Question 1: (10 Marks)
There are three (3) types of organizational plans: strategic, tactical, and operational (McQuerrey,2017).
Identify the characteristics of tactical plans.

Question 2: (4 Marks)
Read the scenario below and answer the question that follows:

Gilbert is the CEO of a large multinational corporation that produces and distributes consumer electronics. As CEO, Gilbert is responsible for setting the overall strategic direction of the company and ensuring that it remains competitive in a rapidly changing market. * Fictitious scenario.

Identify Gilbert’s position in the management hierarchy and provide a reason for your answer.

Answers to Above Questions on Human Resource Management

Answer 1: Before understanding the characteristics of tactical plans, it is important to understand the concept of tactical plans. An analysis indicates that a tactical plan is all about breaking down the long term goals, so as to make them shorter as compared to strategic planning which is generally long term in nature. This indicates that the main characteristics of a tactical plan is that it is of short term focus. Another important characteristic of a tactical plan is its limited scope.


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