A German junior executive (Mr. Schinder) was unaware that he was making his team angry by seeming to be better than they were. They also saw him as self grandizing and aggressive.

He was up for a promotion, but no one wanted to work with him. He had to identify what words and what attitudes were annoying people and why.

He studied books (Carnegie, Covey) which talked about the ways people express themselves here in the US and what kind of vocabulary works. For instance, instead of saying “you are wrong” he found it more effective to say what I think I heard you say is. I don’t know if I agree with you on that, can you explain more?” (See the article
Dos and Don’ts in Corporate Meetings). We did role playing, going through hypothetical situations, and he practiced using the newly acquired vocabulary which he chose in order to not antagonize anybody yet still reflect his ideas, and get the results he wanted.


He was promoted, and the training carried over to his personal and social life where he was able to apply his new way of speaking very successfully. He felt much better about himself and he was happier with the way he fit into hi surroundings.

Source: QUESTION 1: 10 MARKS
This idea is particularly true in the world of virtual learning and virtual communication, where one cannot yet use hand gestures, facial expressions, or body to fully express ideas.
Select one:

a. poses

b. positions

c. movement

d. language

One advantages of conflict are that it . Select one:
a. makes problems go away.

b. forces problems to be addressed.

c. makes problem people go away.

d. forces one to choose friends wisely.

Leaders manage conflict effectively by devising win-win solutions, constructively influencing the behaviour of others, and using effective communication and strategies.
Select one:

a. persuasive

b. enforcement

c. performance

d. evasive

Which one of the following leadership theories encourages full participation by all members of a group? Select one:
a. Autocratic Leadership

b. Laissez-faire Leadership

c. Democratic Leadership

d. Bureaucratic Leadership

To decode a message is to

Select one:

a. reject a message

b. interpret a message

c. translate ideas into code

d. evaluate a message

Communication is the process by which a message or information is exchanged from a sender to a receiver. From the above case study, explain how Mr. Schinder can better verbally communicate with his colleagues

Focusing on the three functions of communication, discuss the main purposes an effective communication required by a group of employees within the organisation.

A business does not function in a vacuum. It has to act and react to what happens outside the factory and office walls. These factors that happen outside the business are known as external factors or influences. These will affect the main internal functions of the business and possibly the objectives of the business and its strategies. Except in consideration of the behaviour of Mr. Schinder, what are external exterior environmental issues that can negatively influence the business.

Determine the four most imperative elements of communication required by the organisation in which Mr. Schinder is employed as a junior executive.

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Answer 1: Communication is the process of sending messages to the receiver. It is important that the communication process should be carried out effectively in order to ensure that the receiver gets the proper message. It is also essential to consider the tone of communication because a negative tone may affect adversely. In the given case scenario of Mr Schiner, he can communicate verbally with his audience in a better way by making an effort to understand the culture of Americans so that his message does not intend to demoralise the audience, and better communication would have been possible.

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