Question 1 (Marks: 20)
Consider the following scenario and then answer the questions that follow.

You have been hired as a business consultant to assist a local air-conditioning company as they scale up from start-up to a growth business. They have taken on 10 new employees, 6 of whom are inexperienced air-conditioning technicians who need to be developed over the next year. Many of the company’s customers are unable to pay for new installations due to tougher business conditions resulting from the pandemic, so the business is wanting to institute a new debtor’s policy.

In answering the questions below, consider the following:

• Maintain a balance between theory and application;
• All theory must be referenced from the textbook and other credible sources;
• Very limited use of direct quotes is permitted; you are required to paraphrase and explain concepts in your own words.
Q.1.1 Identify and discuss a suitable on-the-job training and development method for the
company’s technicians. (5)
Q.1.2 Classify the type of consumer product the business sells. Justify your choice. (5)
Q.1.3 Advise the business on how to manage debtors. (10)

Question 2 (Marks: 55)
Consider the following case study, and then answer the questions that follow.
Case Study – Checkers’ FreshX brand
Retailer Checkers has launched a new state-of-the-art supermarket at Chartwell Corner in Dainfern, Gauteng, further growing its share of the premium grocery sector in South Africa.

More than 40 new jobs were created with this store opening, and Checkers FX Chartwell Corner has 103 employees, the group noted.

In November Checkers announced a partnership with US coffee chain Starbucks which would see the coffee house and roastery chain launch outlets in select supermarkets.
The retailer said that the new store in North Joburg will offer several unique speciality services, including:

• Fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts, delivered daily;
• An in-store Starbucks;
• An in-store Kauai serving salads, wraps and smoothies;
• A sit-down sushi bar;
• Freshly-made artisanal bread, pastries and cakes;
• More than 400 local and international cheeses;
• Wines from over 100 estates and authentic French champagne.

The Dainfern store is the latest addition to the Checkers’ FreshX brand, which takes on upmarket retailers including market leader, Woolworths.

Checkers introduced the FreshX concept stores to gain market share among more affluent South Africans, with the idea proving so popular that the group now plans to revamp at least a third of its Checkers stores in the medium term.

Unlike traditional Checkers stores, the FreshX concept stores feature more upmarket furniture and signage – including benches and tables for customers to test samples.

In its annual results published in September, Shoprite highlighted its recent success in the premium retail market – a segment typically dominated by Woolworths.

The group said that its strategy in South Africa of focusing on establishing a ‘fresh food theatre’ for its customer base continues to improve year on year.

“The success of the launch of the Xtra Savings Rewards Programme during the previous financial year in the Checkers chain has gained traction, and the 7.6 million Xtra Savings Rewards Programme customers as of 4 July 2021 contributed to the achievement of the record market share for the brands.”

Checkers, inclusive of Checkers Hyper, now operates from 268 stores in South Africa. Key to Shoprite’s push into the premium food retail segment is the new Checkers FreshX store format.

Over the past year, Shoprite said the number of stores in the Checkers FreshX format has increased to 41 from 28 stores in the prior year. The group is targeting 80 of these stores.

Source: with-new-upmarket-stores/ [Accessed 31 January 2022].

Q.2.1 Explain the obligations Checkers FX Chartwell Corner would have to employees in
terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. (10)

Q.2.2 Discuss the requirements for meaningful market segmentation with application to
Checker’s FreshX. (10)

Q.2.3 Create a job specification for a fictional position at Checkers FreshX. (10)

Q.2.4 Identify and describe the types of financial documents Checkers would have
reported in its annual results. (10)

Q2.5 Through the use of examples applicable to the case study, discuss the following
branding concepts: (15)

• Manufacturer, dealer and generic brands
• Individual and family brands

Question 3 (Marks: 25)
Write an essay where you analyse the role of operations management capacity planning and control in business. Select a business of your choice to illustrate your understanding of the following themes:

• What is capacity?
• Steps in capacity planning
• Techniques used in capacity planning and control.


• A word limit of 1 500 words applies. Markers will disregard any text beyond this limit. Please indicate the word count at the end of your answer;
• An essay requires a clear introduction and conclusion, use of paragraphs and academic tone;
• Use headings to structure your essay;
• Explain relevant theory in your own words from credible, referenced sources;
• Use correct in-text referencing as per the IIE referencing guide, and include sources in the main reference list at the end of the assignment;
• Application of each theme to a business of your choice is required. You will receive more marks for your own original business examples than for examples in your textbook, from your lecturer/tutor, or on Learn.

Answers to Above Questions on Business Management

Answer 1: Training of employees is highly essential because it provides them adequate skills and abilities to perform their job roles. In the given case scenario, it is evaluated that the air conditioning technicians are not experienced, and they require a sufficient amount of training before they can be asked to serve the client. The best method for on the job training and development of technicians is interactive training whereby the technicians are involved in the learning process. This training can be given in the form of simulations or scenarios, and they can therefore be well trained to perform actually over their job….answer

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