As a consultant strategist, assume you have been approached by Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to solve their problems and ensure maximum value is added. You are expected to suggest how KFC can add more value using the value chain model.

Use inputs from the case study and provide examples wherever possible.


Below is KFC’s vision statement and mind map of its mission, vision, and core values:

“To provide food in a quick, pleasant setting that caters to cost-conscious, health-conscious people” (KFC, nd).

Assess the company’s vision and mission statements and its core values and evaluate their relevance to its target market. Suggest a suitable generic strategy that KFC should follow to achieve its vision and mission.


As the consultant strategist for KFC, you now have a better understanding of its vision, mission and core values, and the generic strategy.

Based on your knowledge of your client KFC, and the environment it operates in, in South Africa, recommend to its management any two growth strategies that KFC should adopt for future survival. Discuss the grand strategies, considering any two examples of growth strategies. Justify your recommendations, and give examples where applicable.


Organisational design

An organisation’s structure must be designed according to its strategy. Organisational design refers to the arrangement of positions into work units or departments and the interrelationships between them (Enock, 2006). An organisational chart or organogram is a graphic representation of how the organisation is put together. Departmentalisation is the grouping of related activities into units or departments.

As the consultant strategist for KFC, evaluate any two departmentalisation that you recommend KFC to adopt, or refine if they already exist, for competitive advantage. Give examples where possible.

Answers to Above Questions on Fast Food Restaurant Chain

Answer 1: Value chain is an important tool that helps in enhancing the operational efficiency of an organisation. The application of the value chain in the case of KFC can help the organisation in adding value in all its activities to achieve all round improvement. The primary and support activities of value chain needs to be analysed separately in case of KFC as follows: 


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