Read the scenario below and answer ALL the questions

Project Title: “Assessing Corporate Governance, Ethical Practices, and Risk Management Strategies”

You are required to select a company with a board of directors with the aim of assessing Corporate Governance, Ethical Practices, and Risk Management Strategies. To achieve the objective of the project, students will have to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios in answering the following questions.

Question 1 (25 Marks)

Provide a brief description of the selected business and clearly differentiate between the three levels of management within the organisation. Utilising the five principles of good corporate governance provided by Agustin, Maharani & Effendi (2021), evaluate the actions of various management levels in promoting good corporate governance.

Question 2 (25 Marks)

Provide an in-depth analysis of the relationship between corporate governance and management within the selected company.

Question 3 (25 Marks)

Evaluate the selected business’s alignment with the concept of stakeholder theory. In your response, analyse the interests of the two groups of stakeholders involved.

Question 4 (25 Marks)

Mallin (2015) found that organisations that have embraced GRC have common elements that go right across successfully integrated governance, risk, and compliance policies, processes, and procedures. Evaluate the presence of those elements in the selected business and provide relevant recommendations where necessary.

Answers to Above Questions on Corporate Governance

Answer 1: Corporate governance, ethical practices and risk management practices are integral parts of managing an organisation in an effective way. The business that is selected in order to analyse all these areas is Sasol Limited which is one of the chemical companies based in South Africa. An analysis of the three levels of management at Sasol Limited along with its impact on promoting good corporate governance is analysed as follows:


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