Trevor Peters, an American student, enrolled at the University of Pretoria as a student, at the beginning of the year. His aim was to immerse himself in the South African culture in order to investigate the cultural differences between university students. While Trevor disguised himself as a local student, he befriended many students, attended all lectures and participated in many university activities. This immersion enabled him to observe the actions, emotions and beliefs of the University of Pretoria students. He recorded every action and conversation and took pictures of various events, with the hope of writing and publishing a paper on the cultural differences in South Africa. A year later after going back to his home country, Trevor published an article in a journal of international standing to depict the different cultural nuances in South African universities.
Question 1

a) Identify at three ethical issues relating to the case study and explain their relevance to the case.
b) Briefly identify and discuss any TWO ethical principles above and discuss how these issues could affect the various stakeholders (4)
c) Suggest alternative actions that Trevor could have considered to minimise/prevent these ethical issues. (4)

Question 2

Read the following scenario and answer the questions that follow. Please note that the scenario is not from any published material.

You have been approached by Wessels Fast Foods to conduct a study to determine user perceptions of their existing mobile food delivery application (app). The company expects users of the application to discontinue using the app as they may revert to dining at the fast-food restaurant as they used to do before COVID-19. Wessels Fast Foods intends to find ways to encourage their customers to continue to use the application to ensure that their investment in the advertisement development reaps the benefits from reuse.

a) Discuss the most appropriate research approach for the study (qualitative, quantitative and mixed method) and justify your answer. (3)
b) Describe the most appropriate target population for the study and justify your answer. (3)
c) Discuss the most appropriate data collection method for the above study and justify your answer.
d) Discuss the possible delimitations (3) and limitations (3) of the above study. (6)
e) Discuss the most appropriate sampling technique and justify your answer. (3) (18)

Question 3

Based on the scenario in question 2, the study was carried out and the researcher computed the following results.

cross tabs

3a) Interpret and discuss the results that are indicated in the cross-tabulation (5) 3b) Based on the Tables above, discuss the sample size and the extent to which it is representative (3)
3c) Discuss the distribution of the gender variable and race variables (5)

Question 4
Considering the table below, the first column states a typical business problem for the previous studies that were carried out in the Wessels Fast Foods restaurant. Formulate appropriate research questions for each business problem.

Management is not certain whether the newly developed product is adding value

to the company’s product portfolio.

It is not clear to management whether they should improve or eliminate an

existing product.


Two marks are awarded for each appropriate research question. (10)

Question 5

Please review the Research Proposal (Annexure A) thoroughly.

i) Read the Proposal in its entirety to understand what the researcher will try to achieve with the research. Identify any six (6) inconsistencies or errors in the research proposal. For each inconsistency/error, explain what is incorrect (1 mark each). Then, provide a recommendation on how it could be corrected (1 mark). (12)

ii) Identify three (3) errors relating to good academic writing principles. For each error, provide a comment on how it should be corrected.

Answers to Above Questions on Advanced Research Theory

Answer 1: Analysis of the given case scenario on Trevor Peters indicates that there are many such instances of ethical issues that are observed. The first major ethical issue is with respect to the action of Trevor Peters where by he has enrolled in the University of Pretoria as a student in order to investigate the cultural differences between University student. This is an act of decieving someone with the objective of getting cultural sensitive information which is unethical. Another ethical issue as observed in the case is in relation to publishing cultural sensitive information without obtaining proper prior approval and this is also an act of unethics as evaluated.


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