1. Describe any management process to group and coordinate tasks to create a division of labour that gives an organisation a competitive advantage to use technologies such as online shopping, 3D printing, IoT, AR and AI (40)
  1. Critically discuss how the selected organisation will adopt and use technology to build competencies, competitive advantages and create organisational value for the next 5 years. Your answer must also include a discussion of ‘innovation’, data warehousing, data analysis and knowledge management as competitive (40)
  1. Organizational decision-making is formally defined as the process of identifying and solving The process has two major stages. In the problem identification stage, information about environmental and organizational conditions is monitored to determine if performance is satisfactory and to diagnose the cause of shortcomings. The problem solution stage is when alternative courses of action are considered and one alternative is selected and implemented. Critically discuss the decision making process as applied to your selected business.

Answers to Above Questions

The role of Technology is crucial in case of any type of Organisation in achieving competitive advantage. However it is important that the employees are well aware of the process of operating technology in performing organisational tasks. The role of the management process is therefore crucial in achieving proper coordination of tasks in order to create a division of labour so that each and every process can be performed in an efficient way leading to overall organisation success. The specific management process in order to group and coordinate tasks with the objective of utilising technologies is Management by Objective (MBO). This is an important management strategy that can be utilised in order to coordinate tasks with the objective of achieving better performance…….


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