Question 1 (Marks: 25)
Study the image and scenario below to effectively answer the questions that follow:

ABC Accounting and Auditing Services has strict policies in place to ensure diversity and inclusivity. However, an incident occurred in the kitchen area where two employees got into an altercation, which resulted in a massive intercultural dilemma. A male employee pushed in front of a female employee, demanding to be served first as it is part of his culture. The female employee was offended and started yelling at him. The altercation spiralled out of control the HR department had to intervene.

Q.1.1 Identify, from the image above, which person is using the convergence model
of communication and justify your answer. (5)

Q.1.2 Identify and explain three barriers to communication from the image above. (9)

Q.1.3 Identify and explain two types of non-verbal communication in the image
above. (6)

Q.1.4 Based on the scenario, explain (for 2 marks) what type of intercultural communication this could be and discuss (for 3 marks) what you would do to
solve the intercultural problem. (5)

Question 2 (Marks: 20)
Study the image above and read the scenario below. Answer the questions that follow.

Q.2.1 You have to address the group of people in the image on the importance of saving and spending money wisely.
Q.2.2.1 Why is it important to identify the audience and purpose of the communication in the scenario? (4)
Q.2.2.2 Describe how do the audience and purpose influence the language, style, and tone of the communication in the scenario? (4)
Q.2.2.3 Write an appropriate response to address the people in the image on the scenario, considering the audience, purpose, language, style, and tone. (12)

Question 3 (Marks: 25)
Write a professional email (300 – 500 words) in which you apply for the job position below.

Note: Your lecturer will not mark beyond the 500-word limit.

Your email needs to function as an effective cover letter for your application, so make sure you:

• Follow the structure, format, and etiquette requirements of a professional email.

• Include brief but cohesive information on your educational background, employment history, and professional skills. Make sure this information is tailored to the requirements of your selected job position.

• Include a clear action statement that refers directly to your attached CV. (Do not actually attach/submit your CV; just write the email as if you were doing this, as you would for a real- world job application).

• Explain clearly why you are interested in the advertised position and why you believe you are the best candidate for it.

NB – Feel free to invent or expand on any details about yourself as needed to make the email message believable, using the details and context of your selected job position as a guide. Make sure you accurately reference all sources used within the email.

SAICA Tra inee Acco untant- jo b post
A2A Kopano Incorporated 21 reviews
Ke nilworth, Western Cape
R8 000 – R15 000 a m onth – In te rnship
Responded to 51-74% of applications in the past 30 days, typically within 1 day.
Apply now
Job details
Sa lary
R8 000 – R15 000 a m onth Jo b Type
Internsh ip

Qua lificatio ns
• Bachelors (Preferred)
• SAICA m em ber registration (Preferred)

Full Job Description
A national accounting and aud iting firm in Ke n ilwo rth is looking to em p lo y SAICA Clerks to join their team :

* Tertiary Qualification in Accounting (preferab ly degree)
* or Reg is te red to study a Tertiary Qualification in Accounting (preferab ly degree)

In te rested in com pleting SAICA articles
* Advanced Excel proficiency
* High degree of speed and accuracy.
* Ab ility to work independently and to m u ltita sk.
* Strong in te rpersonal skills to be able to in te ract with clients directly.
* Driver’s license and own vehicle.
* Eng lis h and Afrikaans speaking (Non-negotiab le )


Jo b Type: Internsh ip
Contract length: 36 m onths

Salary: R8,000.00 – R15,000.00 per m onth Ability to com m ute/ re locate:
• Ke n ilwo rth, Western Cape: Reliab ly com m ute or p la nn ing to re lo cate before
starting work (Requ ire d) Education:
• Bachelors (Preferred)

License/ Certification:

• SAICA m em ber registration (Preferred)

Question 4 (Marks: 30)
Use the job advertisement in Question 3 and answer the questions that follow:
You have been told that a panel of three people will interview you. These people are the organisation’s human resources (HR) manager, the manager of the specific department in which you would be working, and a colleague from another department.

Answers to Above Questions on Applied Communication Techniques

Answer 1: Convergence model of communication is an important model that describe communication as a process. Both the sender and receiver are active in this process of communication, and they engage in interpretation with the objective of achieving mutual understanding. In the given image, the person that is using the convergence model of communication is both the children, as they are engage with their mobile phones in order to communicate with each other, and both are active in the process.

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