Develop an infographic of any one (1) rural town (no townships – Soweto and no cities or major towns – Potchefstroom) from the following South African provinces: Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, and North-West Province (i.e. Letsitele, Howick, etc.).

The infographic needs to include a depiction of the macro environment and the segment of choices’ behavioural, psychographic and profile segmentation variables. The infographic further needs to conclude by identifying a specific profitable market segment with a very specific gap/need in the market of your chosen RURAL TOWN. Focus on sustainable or investment opportunities in the private or NGO sectors to better the community.

This is a qualitative desktop research exercise. Feel free to contact local businesses or municipalities in your chosen town to support your environmental scanning exercise and determine what gaps may be present. Any initiative/creative action is allowed, i.e. alternative water/electricity supply, farming, business start-ups or relocations, supply production, etc.

• This is an individual assignment.
• You can use any programme to develop the infographic (saved as a PDF file).
• Assignment 1 will contribute 30% towards your module mark.
• Remember plagiarism is highly frowned upon.
• Reference your sources at the end of your infographic in Harvard style format.

Answers to Above Question

The South African province that has been selected for the purpose of creating an infographic is KwaZulu-Natal. This infographic includes an analysis of the macro environment in the selected province and a profitable marketing segment is also identified in the chosen area.


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