After 30 years of service you have decided to retire from your current position as manager of a wellknown retail chain store. One of your last assignment is to mentor one of the departmental managers to take over your role as general manager.
1.1 What mentoring strategy will you choose, and, more importantly, why did you choose that strategy? Explain the concept of mentoring and evaluate the theory and knowledge associated with mentoring, and the benefits of mentoring. (10)
1.2 Identify the need for mentoring. Explain how you will identify the need for mentoring through discussions with your successor. (10)
1.3 Identify and critically analyse possible problems that may occur during the mentoring programme with your protégé. (20)
1.4 Describe alternative arrangements that you will consider for mentoring your protégé. (20)
1.5 Develop a plan for a mentorship programme. (20)
1.6 What communication skills and techniques do you think will be required from you as mentor in running this programme with protégé, and how will you give feedback? (20)

Answers to Above Questions on Mentoring

Answer 1: It is important to select the most appropriate mentoring strategy in order to ensure a smooth transition at the given position of general manager. The specific areas that I will pay attention to are to provide a one to one mentoring whereby I would explain each and every role and the process to carry out such a role in an efficient way.

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