Explain each of the advantages and disadvantages of using Solid State Hard Drives. (15)
Explain the concept and function of each of the different types of networks. (10)

Explain the advantages of the database environment. (10)
State and explain the events that occur in a typical sales transaction. (15)

Discuss the concept and components of a CPU (15)
Examine any five (5) business related problems that can be solved using Ms Excel. (10)

Differentiate between a mainframe and a supercomputer. (10)
Explain the functions of an operating system. (15)

Answers to Above Questions on Accounting Information Systems

Answer 1: There are several advantages as well as disadvantages from using solid state drives. In respect to advantages, the main advantage includes for the performance, as SSDs have a very fast speed of reading and writing compared to HDDs. It is also reliable and durable and the power consumption is also very low. In terms of disadvantages, it is costly compared to HDDs.


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