QUESTION 1 (22 Marks) Study the Zapiro cartoon, relating to the Springboks World Cup Rugby win in
2019, and answer the questions that follow:

1.1. With reference to the cartoon, identify and explain the two (2) forms of literacy used. Provide evidence from the cartoon to support your answer. (6 marks)

1.2. Visual literacy is a channel through which we can access a broad domain of knowledge and understanding.

With reference to Bill Smith’s 2015 article, explain why visual literacy is so important to human processing and interpreting of information. (8 marks)

1.3 Digital literacy refers to our ability to find, evaluate, utilise, share and create content using information technologies and the internet. The cartoon above may have been published in an online newspaper, such as News24 or EWN. However, not all content found on the internet is as innocent and entertaining as the cartoon.
Discuss the guidelines you should follow in order to develop your receptive digital literacy skills. (8 marks)

QUESTION 2 (32 Marks)

2.1. There are four (4) processes you can use to activate your prior / existing knowledge. This strategy is described as ‘priming the cognitive pump’ so as to ‘recall relevant prior knowledge and experiences from long-term memory’ – this, in turn, allows the reader to ‘construct meaning from the text’.

Study the scenarios in Column A and match each to the processes used to activate your prior / existing knowledge in Column B. (4 marks)

Note: Your answers should be set out as follows:

2.1.1. Thembelani is baking a cake; he has the recipe open on a table next to him.He quickly reads through the list of ingredients to find out how many cups of sugar is needed. A.Brainstorming
2.1.2. Amira is writing an essay for her business management module. She has found an informative journal article that will assist her in writing her essay. Before she starts writing, Amira reads through the article,looking specifically at the main ideas and paragraph topics that align with the essay topic. B.Skimming
2.1.3. Melanie is reading a news article about a recent fire that broke out in an abandoned building in the CBD. The article is very critical of the city’s mayor and emergency services. As Melanie is reading the article,she thinks to herself:“I wonder what the journalist’s agenda is?” C.Scanning
2.1.4. Amirah as read through the journal articles he wants to use for her business management essay a few times.She starts freely writing down thoughts and ideas based on the article,as about line for her essay. D.Predicting

2.2. Imagine you are studying for your Academic Literacy exam. This involves reading through your textbook. The form of reading you are engaging in is referred to as clarifying, in that you are reading the text in detail and thoroughly analysing it to gain as much understanding as possible.

While you are studying, you decide to make annotations or markings in your textbook. Making annotations not only helps you to clarify your understanding, but it also keeps you actively engaged with the text.

With the above in mind, outline four (4) types of annotations you might make whilst studying from your textbook. (8 marks)

2.3. Listening refers to language that occurs in spoken form; it is another way we receive information and convert it into knowledge / understanding. According to Du Plessis et al. (2007), there are three types of listening required for interacting with others.

Identify and provide an example of each of the three types of listening. (6 marks)

Note: Examples must be unique and not a repetition of what is in the textbook.

2.4. As a distance learning higher education institution, UNISA offers pre-recorded lectures (in the form of podcasts) to its students, as compared to traditional contact-based higher education institutions that have in-person, live lectures.

2.4.1. With reference to the above, outline three (3) factors that are different when attending and note taking during an in-person traditional lecture versus a pre-recorded podcast lecture. (6 marks).

2.4.2. Despite some differences, when it specifically comes to note taking there are many similarities between traditional lectures and pre-recorded lectures.

Outline eight (8) similarities between note taking during a live lecture and during a pre-recorded lecture. (8 marks)

QUESTION 3 (23 Marks)

3.1. Complete each of the sentences below by selecting an appropriate conjunction from the box.

although | as well as | however | during | neither … nor | unless | while | when

| either … or


• Each conjunction may only be used once.

• Type out the full sentence and underline the conjunction used.

3.1.1 John Joseph will be able to attend the meeting today. (1 mark)

3.1.2 Mpho is my classmate my friend. (1 mark)

3.1.3 Amelia was exhausted, she continued to study. (1 mark)

3.1.4 I would like to play for the Springboks; , I don’t think I have the talent. (1 mark)

3.1.5 you work faster, you won’t get home before dark. (1 mark)
3.2. Study each of the sentences below. One form of punctuation in each sentence is incorrect. Explain why the punctuation is incorrect, and then re-type the sentence using the correct punctuation.


• Type out the full sentence and highlight the new punctuation used in yellow.

3.2.1 The students’ hats were placed on hooks by the door. (2 mark)

3.2.2 “How could I be so forgetful!”, I thought to myself. (2 mark)

3.2.3 John’s mother frowned. She didn’t like what he said to his sister. (2 mark)

3.2.4 Please ensure to bring the following items on the camping trip – hiking boots, food, and a sleeping bag. (2 mark)

3.2.5 Mpho is a good athlete; actually, he is a great athlete; and valued member of our team. (2 mark)

3.3 Study the three sentences provided below. Identify the type of sentence it is and provide an explanation for your answer.

3.3.1 Even though Stephen was in love with her, he was unable to tell her; it is no surprise she left him. (2 marks)

3.3.2 Salihah walked briskly to the shops. (2 marks)

3.3.3 Tendai didn’t get dessert after dinner, because she didn’t complete her homework on time. (2 marks)

3.3.4 This car is too expensive, and that car is too small. (2 mark)
QUESTION 4 (23 Marks) To function effectively, daily business practice requires the use of well-written and properly presented information; this can be achieved by creating project proposals and reports.

4.1. Compare the intention of an informative report with that of an analytical report. (6 marks)

4.2 Compare the functions of an informative report with that of an analytical report. (8 marks)

4.3 When putting an informative report together, you may have additional information that you want to include, but that is not essential reading.

Identify and discuss where you would place this additional information. (9 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Academic Literacy

Answer 1: The two forms of literacy that are utilized in the above curtain are visual literacy and information literacy. Visual literacy is the use of infographics, charts, graphs and other visual representations, and in the given cartoon, there are pamphlets used in order to convey information to the public about the arrival of Bokke.

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