QUESTION 1 (8 Marks)
The online textbook for Academic Literacy consists of written text and videos (short recorded lectures).

With specific reference to language literacy:

Identify the two (2) receptive skills you will use when studying from the online textbook for Academic Literacy. (2 marks)

Explain the main purpose for each receptive skill identified in Q. 1.1, when using the online textbook. (4 marks)

Identify the productive skill used by the author of the written text. (1 mark)

Identify the productive skill used by the presenter of the videos / recorded lectures. (1 mark)

QUESTION 2 (11 Marks)
Study the image on the next page and answer the questions that follow.

Identify the type of academic literacy represented by the image above, and explain what this form of literacy involves. (2 marks)

According to Bill Smith (2015) our understanding and processing of images is far better than that of words and text.

Support the statement above by providing the ways in which images are better processed and understood than words and text. (8 marks)

Images are used to communicate a message from the creator (sender) to the viewer (receiver).

Provide your interpretation of the message being communicated by the image. (1 mark)

QUESTION 3 (18 Marks)
3.1 According to Du Plessis et al. (2007), there are different types of listening.

Study the Scenarios in Column A and match each to the correct Type of listening in Column B. (3 marks)

Your answers should be set out as follows:
3.1.4 – D


You are visiting a friend who has just lost their child to cancer. Although your friend tells you that they

are okay, you can tell that they are distraught.

A. Empathic listening

You are listening to the video-recorded lectures in your Academic    Literacy    online    textbook,            in

preparation for your assignment.

B. Passive listening

You and your sister are having a cup of coffee and a catch-up in the kitchen. You are both aware of

your children playing in the lounge next door.

C. Active listening

3.2. Busi is a first-year student at Wits University. She attends in-person, traditional lectures every day. University lectures are very different from having a teacher teach you in a classroom.

Provide Busi with strategies she can use to help her actively listen to and engage with her lectures. (15 marks)

QUESTION 4 (10 Marks)
Imagine you have been given a teaching and learning activity for Academic Literacy. It consists of a short article, followed by questions. The activity is in PDF format, i.e. it is electronic.

To increase your active engagement with and better understanding of the article, you can either annotate it directly, using Adobe PDF annotator, or you can do so by hand, if you physically print out the article.

Explain the three (3) main functions that text annotation fulfils, according to Beekman et al. (2016: 35). (6 marks)

You decide to print out the article and annotate it by hand, making the following annotations:

Written explanations / meanings next to the terms / concepts you do not understand.

Use a yellow highlighter koki to highlight the text that answers some of the questions.

For each of the by-hand annotations used in 4.2, name an Adobe PDF annotation you would use to achieve the same purpose, if you were to annotate the article in its PDF format, i.e. electronically. (2 marks)

If the article were in Word format (which is editable) instead of PDF format, what two (2) text annotations would you use, other than a highlighter, to make the text you want to use when answering your questions stand out? (2 marks)

QUESTION 5 (21 Marks)
Use the correct punctuation marks to ensure that each of the sentences below makes sense:

Stop yelled Betty, as the taxi driver drove through the red robot (3 marks)

Go to the grocery store, and buy the following items butter sugar and flour. (2 marks)

I enjoy cycling jogging and swimming (2 marks)

5.1.4 Amanda are you not supposed to be at work now (2 marks)

Lets start with chapter 1 class, the teacher instructed his students who immediately opened their books. (3 marks)

During the Academic Literacy examination two students Mark and Lebo were caught copying. (3 marks)

Study the sentence below and answer the questions that follow:

Stop yelled Betty, as the taxi driver passes a red robot

Identify what type of sentence this is. (1 mark)

Identify the subordinating conjunction used in the sentence. (1 mark)

Classify each of the below as either a proper noun, or a common noun:

Taxi driver (1 mark)

Betty (1 mark)

With reference to adjectives, identify:

The adjective in the sentence. (1 mark)

The type of adjective it is. (1 mark)

QUESTION 6 (7 Marks)
Depending on who you are writing to, one should be careful, as some English words are spelled or used differently in different countries.

American spelling has been used for five (5) words in the paragraph below. Provide the correct South African spelling for each of these words. (5 marks)

After his divorce was publicized on social media, he quickly came to the realization that the sooner he accepts it, the better. He did not want to accept the divorce at first, for fear of the generalization that people divorce due to infidelity. He reached out to his friend, who emphasized the importance of therapy. His friend also encouraged him to minimize his social media presence or interactions, for the time being.

Complete each of the following sentences using the correct word from the bracket:

She has gone to tennis (practise, practice). (1 mark)

I would (advise, advice) you to submit your Formative Assessment 1 assignment early. (1 mark)

QUESTION 7 (16 Marks)
Imagine you are the principal of a small school, Bright Star Primary School. The Department of Basic Education recently contacted you, and informed you that your school needs to be ready to take in an additional 80 students at the start of the new school year (i.e. January 2024). This means that you need to build and furnish three new classrooms, hire three additional teachers and ensure that the current staff and learners’ facilities are able to accommodate the extra people. The next meeting of the School Governing Body (SGB) is in a week’s time, (1st of September 2023).

Using the information provided above, plan a project proposal for presentation to the SGB. (16 marks)

Your project plan must cover the following aspects:
• Name / title of the project (1 mark)
• Who the target audience is i.e. who will the plan be presented to? (1 mark)
• Background and context of the project i.e. why is the project important? (2 marks)
• Project’s immediate goals / objectives (3 marks)
• How to achieve the immediate goals / objectives (3 marks)
• Time frames for the project (3 marks)
• A list of three key role players and / or stakeholders (3 marks)

QUESTION 8 (9 Marks)
When writing an informative report, the writer has to be aware of certain requirements. Read each of the statements below and answer the questions that follow.
All informative reports have a fixed structure.

Is the statement above correct or incorrect? (1 mark)

Provide an explanation for your answer to Q. 8.1.1. (5 marks)

Findings or results are the main focus of an informative report.

Is the statement above correct or incorrect? (1 mark)

Provide an explanation for your answer to Q. 8.2.1. (2 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Academic Literacy

Answer 1: The two receptive skills that I will use when studying from the online textbook for academic literacy are reading and listening. Reading is an important skill that helps in allowing us to understand the text that is written and develop a meaning from it. In the case of reading an online textbook, I will try to apply my reading skills in order to comprehend the concepts, collect as much information as possible, and get a good understanding of the topic. Apart from reading skills, another respective skill that I will use is listening which allows in understanding the concepts by concentrating on the information provided by audio clips, video lectures and interactive content.


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