USN is one of the fastest-growing sports nutrition brands in the world delivering high quality world-class nutritional supplements for optimised health and sports performance. The company was founded in 2000 by Albé Geldenhuys and has been at the forefront of sports nutrition research, with the aim of making effective sports nutrition supplements – as used by professional and non-professional athletes – widely available. With a dedicated focus on utilising the highest quality raw materials, scientifically relevant products, independent laboratories for quality testing and effective distribution and international availability, the appeal and demand for our products continues to increase. With this in mind, sports performance, weight control and muscle-building supplementation have been cornerstones of USN’s premium product offerings.

USN employs people that reflect the characteristic qualities of the brand – professional, committed to excellence, health-conscious and goal-driven. Quality and accountability are USN’s global underpinning values, and this is reflected in the way that they conduct their business and the way its staff conduct themselves. Notably, the business is built on the founding ethics of the brand, and this is never compromised in any way. The brand provides a scientifically proven, nutritionally beneficial, safe, effective sports and lifestyle supplementation to a demanding public. As a result, USN uses current, up-to- date, verified and peer-reviewed nutritional research throughout the development of their products, and they continue to employ the latest protocols with regards to manufacturing.

Furthermore, the brand partners with the world’s most prominent and established raw materials suppliers, never sacrificing quality for profit. With diligent working relationships in place and effective testing models established, we ensure that our raw material quality and finished products remain the best available. USN is a comprehensive health and lifestyle nutrition supplement brand, and the decision to move away from the conventional body-building market was taken early on. The entire health and wellness market is broad, requiring a focus on category divisions to drive growth and meet consumer demand. USN continues to be at the forefront of the sports nutrition industry through an emphasis on new innovation, formulations, packaging and marketing initiatives that reflects well within the chosen markets.

Question 1

You have been employed as the new brand manager of USN. As part of your new role, you have to make the management aware of the critical role that brands play in the lives of consumers.

With reference to the above statement, provide practical recommendations of how USN can apply any SIX (6) roles played by brands in the context of consumers.
Mark allocation: Two (2) marks for suitable recommendations on how USN can apply each role played by brands in the context of consumers (2 x 6 = 12).

Question 2

USN wants to implement a creative brand mantra that can resonate with its offerings and customers. The brand has reached out to you for help with this request.

Design a three-word brand mantra that USN can use to position themselves in the competitive sports nutrition industry (1 mark). Provide justifications for your brand mantra by referring to the THREE (3) considerations of the brand mantra (3 marks).

Mark allocation: One (1) mark for the development of a three-word brand mantra and one (1) mark for each suitable justification related to the considerations of the brand mantra (1+ (1 x 3) = 4).

Question 3
The brand manager of USN has just come across one of the major food and musical events in South Africa. This event is known as the ‘Rand Show’ and is the largest consumer exhibition event in Southern Africa, attracting more than 400, 000 visitors. As a result, the brand manager is unsure of whether to sponsor this event or not.

With reference to the above statement, provide recommendations on why USN should sponsor the Rand Show event. (16)

Mark allocation: Two (2) marks for suitable recommendations related to event sponsorship (2 x 8 = 16).
Question 4

Conduct research to find suitable examples where researchers have implemented conjoint analysis and the Interbrand approach. Differentiate between the TWO (2) approaches by explaining the examples you found through your research (5 marks for each example).

Thereafter explain how USN can implement the TWO (2) approaches for any of their product offerings (5 marks for each explanation). (20)

Mark allocation: Five (5) marks for each suitable example relating to the two approaches and five (5) marks for each implementation discussion relating to USN (5
+5) + (5 + 5) = 20).

Question 5

“Brand elements at each level of the hierarchy may contribute to brand equity through their ability to create awareness as well as foster strong favourable and unique brand associations and positive responses” (Keller & Swaminathan, 2020).

Refer to practical examples and apply the FIVE (5) guidelines on how USN can set up an appropriate brand hierarchy. (10)

Mark allocation: Two (2) marks for each suitable guideline with practical examples (2 X 5 = 10).

Question 6

“Managing brand equity requires a broad, long-term perspective of brands” (Keller & Swaminathan, 2020).

Apply any FOUR (4) guidelines that USN can use to effectively manage their brand equity. Provide suitable examples to support your application. (8)

Mark allocation: Two (2) marks for each suitable guideline with practical examples (2 X 4 = 8).

Answers to above questions on Brand Management

Answer 1: Brands have a significant role to play in the life of consumers, and it is important for businesses to manage the brand properly so that it can persuade the customers to remain associated with it. As in the given case study of USN, the application of six important roles played by a brand in the context of the consumer is evaluated so that it can be provided to achieve brand effectiveness. The important role of brand for the consumers are identified as:
1) a symbol of identification.
2) helps in reducing perceived risk


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