Question 1
A program, or software, consists of a series of related instructions, organized for a common purpose, that tells the computer what tasks to perform and how to perform them. An application, or app, sometimes called application software, consists of programs designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal tasks. Other programs, often called tools or utilities, enable you to perform maintenance-type task usually related to managing devices, media, and programs used by computer and mobile devices. An operating system is a set of programs that coordinates all the activities among computer or mobile device hardware.

  • Describe how an operating system interacts with applications and hardware. Discuss the steps involved. (12)
  • List and explain the variety of forms of Software Availability. (18)
  • Identify and describe key features of productivity applications. (10)

Question 2

Enterprise hardware allows large organizations to manage and store data and information using devices intended for heavy use, maximum efficiency, and maximum availability. The availability of hardware to users is a measure of how often it is online. Enterprise storage often uses Fibre Channel (FC) technology as the interface that connects the devices to the network because FC technology has much faster transmission rates than SCSI and other previously discussed interfaces.

  • Using practical examples e.g. diagrams, describe and discuss Network Attached Storage (SAN) and Storage Area Network (SAN). (15)
  • Using examples differentiate between a smart card and magnetic stripe card. Which one do you prefer and why? (5)

Question 3



ICAS No.Student NameStudent SurnameCourseCourse FeeMode of leaning
11546EltonBaloyiA+R 4 250.00Part time
21663BabyCeleDiploma BAR 14 990.00Full time
22357SandeepMorarDiploma ITR 14 990.00Full time
23541LeratoMazibukoDiploma ITR 14 990.00Full time
24356WandileMananaEUCR 3 990.00Part time
34567SindyMsaneEUCR 3 990.00Part time
  • 3. 1.1 Create a query that will display all the details of part time students and save it as part time. (3)
  • Design a query to display only ICAS no, student name, student surname and course for only students studying EUC. Save it as query2. (3)
  • Create a form and save it as Form Student. (2)
  • Create a report and the title should be Student Report. (2)

Save the presentation as, your names and student number on the desktop, example (Pearl Booi 75005). (2)
On the title of the slide, type Risenga’s Resort (1)
On the subtitle, type the world class’s refreshment resort. (1)

Insert a title and content new slide.
Title: Risenga’s Resort Background. (1)
Content: Risenga’s Resort has been operating for 28 years, it has won 16 cleanness awards, 13 best catering resort in 2001, 4 best accommodative resort and 8 best hospitality resort of the year and save your work. (2)

Insert a comparison new slide.
Title: Our Mission and Vision (1)
Left content, type this mission “To serve our customers/clients with respect, gratitude and
kindness” (1)

3.5. Right content, type this vision “striving to be the best Resort in the continent” (1)

Insert a new title and content slide.
Title: Services offerings (1)
Content: Dinner reservations Conferences Weddings Parties Graduation ceremonies Special events (2)
Apply the tick bullets on the paragraph which starts from “Dinner” and end at “events”, and
then save. (2)

Answers to Above Questions on Information Technology

Answer 1: An Operating System please the role of mediator between applications and hardware. There is a specific process involved in this process of operating systems interacting with applications and hardware. The operating system provides a platform to the applications to run and the hardware makes it easier for the applications to interact with. The steps involved are discussed as follows:
1) the first step includes the operating system performing tasks such as allocation of memory, input and output operation, and acting as an interface for the applications to run by utilising hardware such as memory, processors and storage.
2) The second step includes the application sending a request to the operating system and it results in the operating system establishing communication with the hardware and returning the result back to the application.


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