Kinsale Hotels

Kinsale Hotels is a leading operator of 4 and 5 star hotels in Ireland. The firm currently employ 1500 people across their 15 hotels (5 x 4 star hotels and 10 x 5 star hotels). Growth and expansion has previously been sourced through organic means (分店). However, following a strategic review, management have decided to embrace inorganic means of growth, namely through merger and acquisition activity. In light of this, Kinsale Hotels have identified a hotel chain, Orient Hotels, which is a provider of 5*star hotels in Singapore (total 15 hotels). Management believe they can acquire a majority shareholding in Orient Hotels at their current market value. Should they proceed with the acquisition, the firm propose to relocate 100 of their staff to the Singapore hotels. Before proceeding with the acquisition of Orient Hotels, the management of Kinsale are very concerned about the substantial cultural differences between the respective organisations and are seeking your assistance.

Specifically, they would like your assistance with the following:
a) Explain the organisational cultural differences (if any) between Ireland and Singapore. Please drawn upon the work of Prof Geert Hofstede.
b) Based on your involvement in The Future of Organisations and Work module and your professional experience, provide firm management of Kinsale Hotels with a series of 5 recommendations to ensure they have satisfied and productive employees in their organization. You can refer to aspects discussed across the three pillars of this module (i.e. the Individual, the Group and the Organizational System).
c) Firm management have requested that you undertake a series of interviews (3 in total) with expatriates (non-Singaporean nationals) to gain an understanding of their experience of working in Singapore. The expatriates do not necessarily have to work in the hospitality industry, they can work in any industry. Please include some key insights (including quotes) from your interviews into your section on recommendations (section 2 above). The transcripts from your three interviews must be included in the appendix of your assignment. The transcripts are not included in the word count for the assignment.

Additional information:

  • While you can draw upon general material covered in this course, please ensure your findings are customised to the context of Singapore. Provide your voice throughout the report, offering your own guidance and suggestions based on your experience.
  • Include quotes from your interviewees into your report (section 2). Your interviewees can come from any country outside of Singapore (e.g. India, Pakistan, Nepal, Malaysia, France, Germany, USA). Firm management would like to hear their experience of working in Singapore.
  • Draw upon the relevant theory from related chapters from Robbins and Judge (2019), this is extremely important.
  • Use of internet, library, magazines and newspapers, including references.

Answers to the Above Questions on Management

The cultural values prevalent in an economy are different from that of another and it is therefore important for businesses to thoroughly study the cultural values before expanding their operation into such a market. In the given case scenario, Kinsale hotel is also expecting to expand its operations in Singapore by way of acquiring orient hotels in Singapore. Before making such a decision, it is important for the management to understand the cultural differences that they have to face in Singapore as a result of such acquisition. The analysis includes a critical discussion on organisational cultural differences between Ireland and Singapore.

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