Question 1

City governments have a key role to play in building thriving, liveable, and resilient cities that are regenerative by design. By embedding circular economy principles into urban policy levers, cities can bring about changes to the use and management of materials in cities; and urban priorities around access to housing, mobility and economic development can also be met in a way that supports prosperity, jobs, health, and communities.

In this assessment, you will be evaluated on your capacity to advise policy levers and business strategies for a transition towards a circular city for Singapore.

Note that your write up for Q1 should preferably not exceed 2,000 words.

Question 1(a)

Examine the current circularity state of Singapore by discussing some of the barriers, enablers, and accelerators for its transition into a circular city. In your discussion, you need to provide examples and cite various resources including academic articles, industry reports, media, and news, etc., to support your statement. (40 marks)

Question 1(b)

  •  Pick a city and/or a country that has adopted various policy tools or business strategies in helping its transition into a circular city/country. Appraise at least THREE (3) of its adopted innovative policy levers for its transition. Like Part (a), you need to provide examples and cite various resources to support your statement (36 marks)

Question 1(c)

  • Recommend if the policy levers discussed in Part (b) can be adopted in Singapore to accelerate its transition towards a circular city. You need to provide further justifications for your recommendations (24 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Leading in a Circular Economy

Answer 1 (a): A circular economy is defined as an economy that promotes transition from a linear to a circular economy throughout the urban space. This is achieved by way of multiple city functions and departments, and establishing collaboration with residents, businesses and the research community. In the case of the Singapore economy, it is evaluated that the country has the capacity to become a leading circular city. In the process of becoming circular, the major barriers enablers and accelerators include…..

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