Various discussions on the topic of unlimited vacation time have been seen in organisations around the world as leaders need to be ready to think about the topic’s relevance to their organisation. According to the Wall Street Journal article “Goldman Sachs Takes a Page from Netflix and Twitter on Vacation Rules” ( wspapers_2665065600), Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs is joining a growing number of firms that offer at least some employees unlimited vacation time.

Read the article and then answer the following questions:

a. Critically appraise the benefits and risks experienced by companies that offer unlimited vacation time Evaluate the concepts of motivation that could play a role here and justify why this would be the case. (30 marks)

b. Evaluate why and how the leadership at Goldman Sachs needs to work on corporate culture to attract talent in the tight labour Justify your points. Then, choose and apply a model for formulating, creating and managing change and relate it to your points. (35 marks)

c. Which leadership approaches would be most useful for preventing employee burnout in your organisation? Why? Explain employee burnout and choose at least TWO (2) leadership concepts that would be most helpful here. Evaluate and assess in detail why you feel these two leadership concepts should be picked and support each with at least ONE (1) practical (35 marks) Overall word limit = 2,500 words excluding cover sheet, references, and appendices.

Answer to Above Questions on Leading the Company of Future

Answer a. Unlimited vacation time as the name suggests includes giving employees the flexibility to take paid time off whenever they want it. As per this policy, there is no restriction on employees and they can therefore take leaves for any number of days or hours provided their work is completed. This concept of unlimited vacation time has certain benefits and risks to the companies. The main benefit from the unlimited vacation time policy is that it helps in increasing employee happiness and it is also quite useful in attracting and retaining top talent in the company. However the negative aspect of this policy is that management cannot use vacation time as a reward in motivating its employees and it requires a significant amount of trust on employees to apply this policy which is really hard to get by. The role of motivation is significant in this concept as it …..


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