With globalisation, the workplace and business environment have become increasingly complex, dynamic and competitive. As such, the importance of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) has never been more important.

In your teams, you are required to source for a case study that presents “The importance of cultural intelligence and its impact on cross-cultural communication in a Multi-National Corporation (MNC)”.

  1. Explain how the presence of cultural intelligence in the MNC has impacted cross-cultural communication. For your analysis, you can use one or more of the following recommended concepts:
    1. Solomon and Schell’s Cultural Wizard (CW) model
    2. Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
  1. In your analysis, you are required to substantiate your responses with:
  1. Accurate application of relevant concepts that has been covered in this module,
  2. Proper research from credible sources, AND
  3. Clear and specific evidence from the case

For the case study:

  1. You may present it in the form of newspaper/magazine articles, journal articles, online articles, advertisements or videos etc in the team
  1. For articles in printed publications – Scan and submit as a PDF file in soft copy
  2. For articles on online publications – Save and submit as a PDF file in soft copy
  • For videos – Provide an accessible link in the report
  1. The selected case study should not be one that has been used in this module or by the lecturer in class
  1. Ensure that your chosen case study is published at least in the year 2012 or
  2. Submit your analysis and case study in the form of a team report.

Answers to Above Question on Cross Cultural Communication

Cross cultural competence is highly essential in order to work in a highly challenging global environment. Businesses are becoming global and the employees are therefore faced with a different cultural environment which requires them to be highly cross culturally competitive in order to survive. The importance of cultural intelligence is therefore crucial in order to work effectively in a diverse working environment in a multinational corporation. The presence of cultural intelligence in the MNC has a direct impact on cross cultural communication of employees. The analysis focuses on the impact of cultural intelligence over cross-cultural communication by applying the models such as Solomon and Schell’s cultural Wizard and Geert Hofstede cultural dimension as follows…

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