Question 1

(a) Identify and judge at least one area in talent management that platform workers are usually at a disadvantage compared to other workers and create a policy to improve equality between them. (40 marks)

(b) Select a business, describe the culture and design an approach for the organisation to manage and use technology and data in a way that enhances trust between employees and managers. (40 marks)

(c) Evaluate the implementation of a digital HCM and/or Talent Management tool you are familiar with and make recommendations for improvements. (20 marks)

Answers to Above Questions

Answer 1: Platform worker is an important concept that has gained relevance in the recent years because of the nature of work involved in it. Platform workers are those workers that work for other online platforms which provide services such as connecting customers with the service provider such as ride sharing. One such organisation providing such services is Uber that acts as a platform for the platform workers to provide travelling assistance to the customers. One such area in talent management that platform workers are at disadvantage is performance management because it is very difficult to establish the efficiency of platform workers working on such platforms with high accuracy.

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