Section A (100 marks)
Question 1
Select and appraise an existing talent management initiative supported by a technology, or technologies, in a business you are familiar with and propose changes to the initiative and the technology, or technologies, that will increase the employee focus and impact. (Maximum 2,000 words)

Question 2
Assess the current use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a chosen workplace and the impact upon the workforce. Design an approach to guide the ethical selection, implementation, and use of Artificial Intelligence. Compare the current use of AI to your designed approach and make recommendations to address up to three (3) gaps. (Maximum 2,000 words)

Answers to Above Questions on Human Capital Management

Answer 1: Talent management is highly essential in every type of organisation because it is the employees that lead an organisation to success. Talent management is all about managing employees in a way that leads to a high level of productivity in their performance and they are likely to stay with the organisation over a long period of time. In order to analyse the talent management initiative, the organisation that is selected is Singtel, and specific talent management initiative as selected is iCare. This initiative is aimed at managing employees in a way that leads to collaborative engagement through the application of technology, and allows employees to prioritise and take charge of their health and mental well being and also to achieve a better work life balance.


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