Question 1

A copy of the following is found on Canvas.
World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2023 – Insight Report May 2023 (please check that you have access to this pdf)
Appraise the key findings (Page 5 – 7) in 500 words or less. (10 marks)

Question 2

According to the WEF Report, technological advancements and global trends are reshaping the job market. Analyse the following statements and determine whether they are true or false and provide a detailed explanation of your answer. You can base your answer from the report as well as other sources (which must be acknowledged)

Soft Skills such as creativity, critical thinking and emotional intelligence are becoming increasingly important in the future job market.
(20 marks)

The gig economy is diminishing as traditional employment models regain prominence. (20 marks)

Automation will eliminate the need for human workers in many industries. (20 marks)

No more than 1250 words (for the entire question). (Total 60 marks)

Question 3

Minister Chan Chun Sing spoke about the Future of Education at the Institute of Policy Studies Singapore Perspectives 2023.
( sing-at-the-institute-of-policy-studies-singapore-perspectives-2023)
From his speech, he spoke about the Future of Work and the Future of Education.

Review and critically assess his speech on the two ideas above, in relation to the concepts that you have learnt in class. You may draw your materials from his speech, the course materials, and other resources.
(No more than 1250 words) (20 marks)

Question 4

Identify an industry that you are familiar with. Once you have identified the industry, please list down one challenge/opportunity in Human Capital Management facing the industry and explain why this is the case. (No more than 500 words)

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Answer 1: An analysis of the future of jobs report 2023 on World economic forum indicates that it is based on analysing the ways in which skills and jobs will evolve in the next 5 years. The findings indicate that the geopolitical trends have a significant impact on creating divergent outcomes for the labour market in 2023. Technology will play a major role in the transformation of business in the next 5 years, and it is the technology that will help in creating the largest job creation in the next 5 years. The findings also indicated that the automation pace is quite slower among businesses and it is the analytical thinking and Creative Thinking ability that will create opportunities for employees in the coming years.

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