Question (100 marks)

In 2023, Singapore is expected to witness elections to the office of the President.

• Goh, Yan Han (2023, May 13). “Countdown to Singapore’s Presidential Elections: Who is Likely to Run?”, The Straits Times
Retrieved from: singapore-s-presidential-election-who-is-likely-to-run

This assignment requires you to consider the role and position of the presidency in Singapore, against the backdrop of a deeper understanding of the country’s statehood and government structure.

a) With reference to the concept of the nation-state, briefly describe the role of the President of Singapore as the country’s Head of State, and outline how it differs from the role of the President in a country like the United States of America.
(20 marks)

b) Identify three specific duties or functions of the presidency in Singapore.
(30 marks)

c) Explain, from a nation-building perspective, why Singapore held a reserved election for the presidency in 2017. (50 marks)

Student’s Notes
• This assignment focuses on the Presidency in Singapore and requires your appreciation of both of its role within Singapore’s statehood and government, as well as an understanding of issues related to the most recent elections in 2017.
• The assigned mark weightage for each section provides a general sense of the importance of each section within the overall TMA response. You can calibrate the time and effort for each section accordingly.
• Copying a citation description from an original author or from someone else, without putting it in quotation marks, or without adequate re-writing, will be considered plagiarism.
• Ideas and information taken from other sources, including those derived from the use of Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, must be appropriately attributed

Answers to Above Questions on Contemporary Society

Answer 1: An analysis of the role of President of Singapore indicates that his role is largely symbolic and representative, and the president serves as the ceremonial head of state. The president has certain constitutional responsibilities especially in the area of safeguarding the interest of the country’s financial reserves. The president is also required to perform certain key appointments such as the appointment of judges, and also holds the power to resolve the parliament.


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