Task 1: Questions based on the concept of Environmentalism and Globalisation

Having seen arguments concerning the various morally controversial issues, and the applications of the different ethical theories to them, you may see a connection between a certain stance on a certain issue and another issue. Based on the existence of this paradoxical dimension discuss the contentious relationship between environmentalism and globalization. Critically discuss the connection between the two and about whether adopting a stance on one forces you to take a certain stance on the other.

With reference to the above contention prepare a short thesis based on the parameters given in the below.

  • Define the concept of environmentalism
  • Define the concept of globalization
  • Establish the ethical conflict between the two
  • Provide a case incident to illustrate the above
  • Lessons learnt

The Wolf of Wall Street Rationale:

This assignment is aimed at inculcating diagnostics skills in deciphering and assessing real life case

study on ethics. Further it also allows students to have first-hand exposure in preparing practical solutions to advice corporates on good governance.

Task 2: Question based on the novel “Wolf of Wall Street”

You are required either

  1. Read the novel “Wolf of Wall Street,” by Jordan Or
  2. Watch the Movie “Wolf of Wall Street,” by Martin Scorsese

Upon viewing the content of the said, you will be able to get a glimpse into the hostile world of corporate life in the Wall Street, the financial hub of the US. At first glance you will be astonished to witness the lack of morals and ethics within this corporate community, but upon further investigation you may also deduce that this incredible greed is what drove the US economy. Without this greed, corporate America may have never grown to this magnitude.

In the complex global business environment of the 21st century, companies of every size face a multitude of ethical issues. Businesses have the responsibility to develop codes of conduct and ethics that every member of the organization must abide by and put into action. Fundamental ethical issues include concepts such and integrity and trust, but more complex issues include accommodating diversity, decision-making, compliance and governance.

Based on your appreciation and understanding of the content of the said novel/movie and the contention of contemporary moral and ethical stakeholder expectations, critically discuss key themes, issues, cause and consequences of moral and ethical decay in the corporate world.

Your discussion should include:

  1. Moral and Ethical violation throughout the episode
  2. Corporate values and stakeholder expectations and violations
  3. Economic and social cost of to the firm and its stakeholders
  4. The need to establish transparent relationship with all stakeholders
  5. Lesson learned from this case study
  6. Demonstrate how the incorporation of ethical principal into core corporate value system would allow for good governance and business sustainability whilst maintaining and safe guarding stakeholder expectations.

This assignment should be written in an essay format.

Answer to the Questions on Environmentalism and Globalisation

Globalisation and environmentalism are both important concepts and have certain relationship between them. Before examining the contentious relationship between these concepts, it is important to understand these concepts in detail. Globalisation is all about a business taking its activities at international level. It is the process by which the companies aim  to expand their business into global territory through achieving integration among people, companies and governments worldwide. The concept of environmentalism on the other hand indicates the initiative undertaken by the organisation in order to preserve or protect the environment in which it operates. It is a movement that arose in response to the global environmental crisis, which requires businesses and corporations to undertake initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and have minimal or no impact on the environment from their business processes and activities. From these definitions of the two important concepts of globalisation and environmentalism, it is clear that there is a direct connection between these two concepts, and the relationship can be proved as …..


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