Section A: Program Specification
SPIDERMAN ONLINE FOOD SERVICES (SOFS) is one of the fast-growing Online Food Service in Malaysia which help customer to save their time by ordering food online from their place. SOFS decided to enhance their online order services by including different kinds of dishes on one click.
SOFS requires you to develop application for the OFOMS which have 2 users and should contains features stated below:
Functionalities of Admin
i. Add Food Item Category-wise
ii. Modify Food Item
iii. View All Food Items
iv. View All Customers Orders
v. Exit
i. Register to Access System (if new customer)
ii. View
a. All Food Category
b. All Food Items
iii. Select Food Item and add to card
iv. Do payment to confirm order.
v. Exit
 All the accounts details are predefined and saved in text files and/or binary files and those files will be updated for transactions and changes made.
 GUIs should be done for all interactions between users and the system.
 The system should be running continuously unless an exit command is issued.

Section B: Deliverables
This is an individual assignment. Each individual is required to submit:
1. A softcopy of the program coded in Java . The program should include the following:
 Basic Java concepts such as displaying and reading of text, variables, and assignment of values, comments – to explain various parts of the program, selection control and iteration structures, and arrays – single/double scripted.
 Object-oriented concepts incorporated using Java such as definition of classes, creation of objects  arrays of objects, constructors, method overloading, method overriding, inheritance etc.
 Any other aspects of Java.
2. A documentation of the system, that incorporates basic documentation standards such as header and footer, page numbering, and which includes:
 Cover page
 Table of contents
 Sample outputs when the program is executed with some explanation of the outputs/sections of the program
 Sample code to discuss the OO concepts and Java features used in system
 Additional features which have been incorporated in the solution in terms of Java codes
 Assumptions
 All references must be made using the Harvard Naming Convention

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